72% of black babies born to unwed mothers

15 Nov

Some highlights (or lowlights) if you don’t feel like reading the article:

-Children of unmarried mothers of any race are more likely to perform poorly in school, go to prison, use drugs, be poor as adults, and have their own children out of wedlock.

-The black community’s 72 percent rate eclipses that of most other groups: 17 percent of Asians, 29 percent of whites, 53 percent of Hispanics and 66 percent of Native Americans were born to unwed mothers in 2008, the most recent year for which government figures are available. The rate for the overall U.S. population was 41 percent.

-There are simple arguments for why so many black women have children without marriage. The legacy of segregation, the logic goes, means blacks are more likely to attend inferior schools. This creates a high proportion of blacks unprepared to compete for jobs in today’s economy, where middle-class industrial work for unskilled laborers has largely disappeared. The drug epidemic sent disproportionate numbers of black men to prison, and crushed the job opportunities for those who served their time. Women don’t want to marry men who can’t provide for their families, and welfare laws created a financial incentive for poor mothers to stay single. If you remove these inequalities, some say, the 72 percent will decrease.

The article goes on from there.  I’m not here to preach or cast judgment on anyone or their parent(s). These numbers are staggering, though. As a community, we must do better. I will say that I found this article to be a bit misleading. To me, it’s less of an issue of marriage and more of an issue of absent fathers. If you’re an unwed mother, but you have a good relationship/understanding with your baby-daddy, great. If both parents are in the child’s life, marriage becomes less of a factor. It becomes a problem when the dad is not in the child’s life and is merely a monthly check, if that. P.S. Fellas, handling your business as a man and a father consists of more than child support payments. I digress. The article rattled off some reasons (or excuses) as to why these numbers may be inflated. Perhaps, this would be more accurate if we knew how many of these unwed mothers have no relationship with the father of their children. Also, with the divorce rate hovering around 50%, who’s to say that marriage is the solution? There are plenty of toxic marriages that children shouldn’t be around either. Just my thoughts…feel free to disagree, agree, or comment.



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7 responses to “72% of black babies born to unwed mothers

  1. Michael Young History

    November 15, 2010 at 7:45 PM

    lol @ “baby-daddy”

    Good stuff

  2. Spacely Sprockets

    November 15, 2010 at 10:06 PM

    Allow me to back door the realist and extrapolate upon the worst possible excuse dudes come up with in order to justify not trying to be the man they should be for their kids. The “bro she’s crazy” argument is one that is frequently made but the obvious and right rebuttal is, “then you shouldn’t have been messing with her in the first place.” You knew she was crazy within a week of y’all meeting but you got “lost in the sauce” and kept on until you were the proud new owner of a child conceived from a woman who, let you tell it, is determined to destroy you. You don’t see Obama trying to get with Sarah Palin so why would you impregnate your own personal supervillain? Listen fellas I know its a struggle but sometimes it is better to let that fine lady pass you by because in the immortal words of Andre 3000 “fat titties turn to tear drops and fat ass turns to flab”

  3. The King's Law

    November 15, 2010 at 11:37 PM

    Agreed to all of the above… but what of the women who continue to pump out babies knowing they have no hope of mending old or maintaining new relationships. Is there ever anybody there to preach the disservice these mothers do to their children? While their willingness and their abundance of love and charity may be enough to make sure the kids won’t die… it’s never enough to raise them.

    Just as bad as it is for a man to knock up some unsuspecting naive young lady… it’s equally as wrong for the woman to bring a child into a situation where she is only attempting to spite the world.

    • Meagapixel

      November 16, 2010 at 9:59 AM

      There should be a forced labor law for people who intentionally pump babies out without a means to pay for them. These people annoy me in life. And I do not want to cosign that it is a black issue, all races have Irresponsibles.

  4. Spacely Sprockets

    November 15, 2010 at 11:55 PM

    @The King’s Law True but there’s enough material there for a whole other post.

  5. Tj

    November 16, 2010 at 10:40 PM

    At Trivia, some team was called “Omce you go black, you end up a single mother” =/


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