It’s Always 5 o’clock Somewhere!

21 Nov

Recently, one of my facebook friends and former high school classmates posted this:

” SMH… Its a d@mn shame that when u text ppl about God or something God related that u can’t get any replies… Let me had texted about Happy Hour I bet boys would have been flooding the phone with responses… Don’t u know that with good Happy Hour isn’t needed because He is capable of giving us incomprehensible amoun…ts of joy and peace… Forget a Happy Hour I want a Happy Eternity…”

It posted it on our personal thread for a certain reason. The “d@mn” discredited the entire post. But when I posted it, the conversation turned to focus on the happy hour comment. Everyone agreed that chain texts are annoying, and there’s nothing wrong with happy hour. Jesus’s first miracle technically was continuing the flow during a happy hour shortage. I don’t think anyone “holier than thou” should condone happy hour until the church has a sufficient happy hour alternative.

The thread celebrates happy hour on occasions because it’s where thread conversation comes to life… over a few drinks. The gulliness (and messiness) is definitely heightened. If ever invited, beware of the thread happy hours. It either breaks you down or makes you stronger!!!

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Posted by on November 21, 2010 in Food, Religion[ology]


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