The Many Faces of the Cam Newton Issue

29 Nov

Oh just wait till they vacate this title guys!

This weekend after the epic 2nd half comeback of then #2 Auburn Tigers over then #11 Alabama Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa, Twitter was abuzz over the possible draft future of one, Cameron Newton. In most if not all draft circles, Cam is seen as the 4th best QB behind Andrew Luck (Stanford), Ryan Mallet (Arkansas), and Jake Locker (Washington). An author of our blog (Spacely Sprockets) contests that he wanted his team the Dallas Cowboys to draft Cam asap. I want to make my point known first and foremost that I am on the Cam Newton band wagon. He has electrified this season of college football and has brought Auburn up to a platform it hasn’t seen in 6 years. Plus he plays on through a series of allegations that discredits his character as well as could possibly put his current school in line for the NCAA death penalty for their role in his recruitment. But I must say that if any of these allegations are true that I run for the hills on him in the draft. Here’s why: Spacely Sprockets made the comparison to Reggie Bush and his problems at USC. My response to that is that those are significantly different situations if for nothing more than the positions they play.

Q: Why did you and your family do it Reggie?

A:I knew it was the quickest way to land Kim Kardashian. You would too! Trust me.

1) Reggie’s allegations truly didn’t pick up speed till about a year and a half after he left USC. Cam’s are happening right here right now with him still playing for Auburn

2) Reggie is a RB. Cam is a QB. QBs are known as the leaders of franchises and you need them to have cleaner records in most cases than other members of your team.

So then my second part of this is his want for Cam to come to the Cowboys. Which I wish I would’ve heard this from him before writing this but I wanted to ask if he belongs to the part of the Cowboys fanbase that resents Tony Romo and doesn’t think he can be a premiere QB in this league? Romo will turn 31 this coming year, meaning he should be on point to have at least 5 good/great years left in his career. So why are you willing to draft such a high profile understudy this early? Because if you’re willing to part ways with Romo, believe me that as a fan of a struggling team with no proven QB (49ers), we’d love to have him for that duration and we’ll welcome him with open arms.

So part 3 of my analysis falls under the cloud of the black QB in the NFL. As a whole outside of a lot of east coast QBs (Vick, McNabb, Garrard) we’re doing a whole lot in the league these days. This is a much deeper issue than I’m willing to jump into but lets face facts: 1) There’s still the stigma of owners of having a black QB run your organization. They’d rather see us switch to other positions and then sometimes play QB on gadgety Wildcat formation plays. 2) When we are given a chance, we usually screw it up. Exhibit A: JaMarcus Russell (though, with all do respect, this guy had absolutely no right getting drafted in the 1st round) Exhibit B: Mike Vick (Atl stint clearly) Exhibit C: Vince Young (up to him to decide this ending) and the list goes on and on but those are just current examples. My hypothesis on our struggles at the position is this. The black QB fraternity is told probably in college they won’t succeed under center and play with that chip on their shoulders their whole collegiate careers and when they do get drafted in that 1st rd top 10 role, they’ve forgotten the work that got them there and struggle readjusting to the idea of starting from the ground floor and working their way back up. They don’t want to put the work into their craft anymore until the teams have no choice but to take away the starting QB title away from them. Only in the case of Vick have we seen everything taken from him to have him rise up from the ashes and return better than he was originally (Thread sidenote: I think it goes without question that the 2 biggest offensive freaks we’ve seen at their positions this generation without doubt have been Vick and Moss. Both figured out how to completely misuse their God given talent and not maximize their abilities and one looks like he finally has gotten it).

VY: This is me and my second chance, look at me go!

VY: I hate you, Coach. JF: Go to hell or the bench buddy, whichever you prefer. Pussy.

With the Vince blowup fresh on all our minds, I’m not sure how fast anyone is willing to pull the trigger on that possible black, Heisman trophy winning (sans Vince), National Championship winning QB. It’s the most scrutinized position and with good reason. So know what you’re getting before you take it out of the store and unwrap it. No receipt can save you from a blunder of that regard.

In closing, this is really just my view on a lot of things and of course seeing as I’m not a professional of any of this and just a novice on talent evaluation, this could all mean shit 5 years from now. I just know that when it comes draft time, I’m not burning a 1st round pick on Cam. If anything that keeps him in the motivated mindset to prove people wrong.

-The Big Socrates


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11 responses to “The Many Faces of the Cam Newton Issue

  1. Spacely Sprockets

    November 29, 2010 at 3:50 PM

    J’Accuse! Let’s take this step by step. Regarding the play for pay issue we still have no evidence that Cam Newton was paid to attend Auburn and the improprieties with Miss. State stops at his father currently. Also i think the words of Jeff Pearlman are apt here

    So I was watching Todd McShay talk college football this morning on ESPN.
    McShay probably makes, I’d guess, about $200,000 annually. When he was done speaking on ESPN’s College Football Gameday (or maybe it was SportsCenter), I was taken to five or six commercials during the break. Target. Home Depot. Sears. Etc. Each commercial surely cost a large amount of money. When programming resumed, I was taken to the sight of some upcoming game, which would be played in a stadium whose name was purchased for millions of dollars by a corporation. The ESPN goobers all appeared on the program, which was sponsored by Old Spice or some other company. They interviewed coaches wearing apparel supplied by Nike or Adidas or whatever. The apparel companies were paying the schools and coaches millions to dress the part. The players will all appear in next year’s EA Sports video game offering—not their names, but their likenesses and uniform numbers. On and on and on …

    And Cam Newton is scum for asking for $200,000?

    and as for being the leader of the team I am positive that no one in the clubhouse will begrudge Cam Newton getting some money if he is indeed guilty. Football players aren’t terribly concerned with what you do off the field as long as it isn’t detrimental to the team and you’re still winning. Example: Ben Roethlisberger who leads the league in rape accusations and non-football related off field injuries and yet still has two rings.

    As for my beloved Dallas Cowboys I am not of the opinion that Tony Romo isn’t a Top 10 Quarterback in the league. He plays well and puts up stats but he has shown an alarming tendency to make mistakes when they matter the most. While his numbers are great and I am particularly fond of his ability to escape pressure I think the play of Jon Kitna in his last three starts has shown that Tony Romo isn’t the sole engine of our office and at times his affinity to focus on Jason Witten and Miles Austin just a tad too much doesn’t place him beyond reproach. The conventional wisdom is that Cam Newton would need time to learn to read NFL defenses and while I’m not 100% sure thats an accurate assertion I wouldn’t mind him sitting and learning while Romo proved once and for all if he can win a Superbowl.

    I hold no qualms about having a high profile backup as it seemed to work pretty well for the 49ers when they had both Joe Montana and Steve Young and more recently with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.

    Now for the third point. Your analysis of Black QB’s fail to take into account the careers of Randall Cunningham, Steve McNair, and Warren Moon. Even in Atlanta where revisionist history has Vick failing he was still the first Quarterback to win in Lambeau in the playoffs and he racked up Pro Bowl Playoff Appearances. If Tony Romo isn’t a failure and Mike Vick succeeded much more in Atlanta has then Romo has in Dallas how is he a failure. Vince Young in his “failure” holds the Fifth best winning percentage amongst active Quarterbacks just below Tony Romo. Jamarcus Russell failed but so did Ryan Leaf, Matt Leinart, Jay Cutler (with his original team), and a whole host of other white quarterbacks so I don’t think race is really a metric of how successful a Quarterback will transition from the college ranks to the pros.

    What I do believe is the most important metric is Mental Toughness and Cam Newton has displayed that in metric tons. He’s played against the best defenses in college football and has made them look pedestrian while being a black quarterback dogged with “character issue” questions that in proving his culpability is based upon circumstantial evidence and hearsay. Through being the most scrutinized active college player in recent memory he has by all accounts remained the unquestioned leader of his team and has handled all accusations, taunts, and pointed questions with aplomb and confidence. When the pressure is applied Cam Newton turns in diamond performances. What better Quarterback for the most scrutinized team in the NFL then one who seems to thrive under pressure. This doesn’t even begin to take into account the fact that he’s displayed a rocket arm with touch and an ability to escape the pocket and make Running back like plays with his legs.

    Cam Newton For The Cowboys
    *drops mic, exits stage left*

  2. MichaelYoungHistory

    November 29, 2010 at 4:12 PM

    LMAO @ those picture captions

    @Spacely why does that matter? I mean, its against the rules for him to take money! Sure, the rules are bullshit, but (supposedly) everyone else follows them!

    ok, thats not true. I hate the NCAA for alot of reasons, but we cant give a dude a pass for BLATANTLY violating the rules just b/c they suck…

    Also, i’m with Spacely, and disagree a bit on ur analysis of the Black QB overall. I know @BigSocrates is a big fan of McNabb, and he’s been a success, not to mention Moon, CUnningham, McNair, and Quincy Carter (LULZ). Some of us wash out. Some of us make it. Its the same with White Qbs. That being said, I do agree that some owners will be weary of making Cam a franchise qb, partly b/c of his race. However, it wont matter here, b/c this is a QB heavy draft and Cam is a late 2nd rounder at best.

  3. Spacely Sprockets

    November 29, 2010 at 4:22 PM

    Why should I care about him taking money? There is a difference between breaking rules and being immoral. If you drank before you were 21 you broke the rules. Should future employers discriminate against you because of it? Is the NFL going to rule him ineligible to play? Does the flourishing of Ben Roethlisberger not prove that no one cares about what you do as long as you win? Why is he a late second rounder? Where are Cam Newton’s weaknesses on the field?

    • MYH

      November 30, 2010 at 10:13 AM

      If future employers don’t want people who break rules of amateurism, yes…if I broke rules jn order to put myself in the position to be hired (I.e. Cheated on a law school exam) then yes. He played while ineligible (bc he accepted money) which will lead to him being drafted. Me drinking at 18 ain’t help me get a job.

      • Spacely Sprockets

        November 30, 2010 at 11:22 AM

        Where is it proven that he took money? His father asked for money from Mississippi State. Those are the facts as we know them. All else is hearsay that frankly people are a little to quick to assume is true. Is there not a reason for Auburn being confident enough in his innocence to continue playing him? I fail to see how Cam Newton should be drug through the mud because of actions taken by others.

        And lets not act like amateurism is some sacred sanctimonious ideal to be upheld at all costs. The majority of SEC teams were under investigation just this summer. So how is it that it is extra egregious IF, and its a big if, Cam Newton, himself, did anything wrong?

        Let’s not act like we all haven’t attended a major university that has been accused of impropriety itself. I don’t recall this level of sanctimony when this story broke.

  4. The Big Socrates

    November 29, 2010 at 4:35 PM

    I focused more on the current state of black QBs as a whole than the past but I haven’t forgotten about any of those greats you guys mentioned and don’t forget Doug Williams who was the first black QB to win a Super Bowl. Donovan is not just a exemplary model for black QBs but all QBs. He plays the game right, is successfully consistent, and when always challenged, takes the high road. Always. And the thing about Cam is that his skill set doesn’t always (rarely if ever) translate to NFL defenses.

  5. Spacely Sprockets

    November 29, 2010 at 4:44 PM

    What part of his skill set doesn’t translate? The Arm that can consistently make downfield throws? The accuracy that adds the touch? The decision making that makes him limit his mistakes? The size and speed that makes him hard to bring down?

    He’s putting up monster numbers against SEC defenses. He led his team to on a last minute drive to defeat the Defending National Champions and a fast Nick Saban defense. What specific part of his game doesn’t translate?

  6. The Big Socrates

    November 29, 2010 at 4:51 PM

    He’s a bigger Mike Vick. He’s versatile but when push comes to shove, is he running before throwing? You can’t always do that. That’s what Vick 2.0 learned. He could never take his game to this extraordinary level until he learned how to play like a true QB. And those great SEC defenses consist of two: Alabama and LSU. And comparing this Alabama team to the National Championship team of last year is a lot like comparing this year’s Texas team to last year’s. Clearly that doesn’t work.

  7. Spacely Sprockets

    November 29, 2010 at 5:01 PM

    No he’s not. He’s much more accurate than Vick was coming out of college, he can put touch on the ball. Also Vick was surrounded with a less than elite Receiving corp in Atlante whereas Cam Newton would be surrounded by arguable the most talented receivers in the league. Cam Newton reminds me more of a Ben Roethlisberger who can actually run or a faster more gifted Steve McNair. Also Alabama’s team clearly is closer to resembling last years team then Texas does. They lost two close games before facing Cam Newton and they are still a Saban coached defense. Which he cameback from what 21 down to beat. Lets not try to minimize the season this man is having.

  8. justinfication

    November 29, 2010 at 7:27 PM

    I didn’t anticipate all this Titans talk. LOL!

    Where’s Dr. Moore when you need him?!

  9. PTZ Camera

    November 30, 2010 at 9:15 PM

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