Random Questions

01 Dec

Things that ramble through my mind.

Why is it when someone wants to make a moral point they use the Black American experience as a rhetorical tool? They don’t give two squirts about black people during their day-to-day. They may even actively dislike black people but when they want to claim moral supremacy they use our experience as the maximum rhetorical device? Gays are the new Black People, Christians are the new black people, Stoners are the new black people, Women are the new black people, Conservatives are the new black people. No black people are the new black people and the old ones too! Let us live and stop using our legacy as a moral prop and don’t think I don’t notice that in all the comparison making people seemingly automatically exclude actual black people in their construction of these groups. There are black gay people too.

Why are the Republicans so shook by Sarah Palin? Apparently the party doesn’t want her to run but no one of consequence will say anything. That’s not cool Republicans that’s like your friend having Oreo in their teeth and you just let them roll on. In the words of Ghostface Killah “That’s not a nice thing to do”

What ever happened to kids playing outside? Are we so afraid of our children experiencing life that they can’t ride bikes anymore? People do know that they’re child is more likely to get molested by someone they know then a stranger right? That’s a fact. Let your kids go play football ESPN will be terrible by the time I’m 50 they’ll show nothing but kids playing Madden and Squidditch.


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2 responses to “Random Questions

  1. utpipeline

    December 1, 2010 at 7:53 PM

    I’m cracking up at the Republican questions!!! Palin said she doesn’t want to run. She got a new wardrobe and was like deuces.

  2. Erica

    December 7, 2010 at 9:30 AM

    I stumbled across this! LOVE it! I have been wondering myself about the whole comparison between black people and gays. I find it a little insulting. No, really insulting. These musings are great!


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