Moral Victories Are For Minor League Coaches

07 Dec

and Biden already told you we major you cockroaches!

Excuse me, but I’m glad that President Obama has finally explained to the American people, and more importantly his opponents on the left, what it is that he is striving for. If you haven’t been following the trajectory of Obama’s presidency allow me to recap. Obama came into office with supporters and opponents alike looking for him to to be a Progressive Bush. Sweeping away the Republicans while enacting legislation that proved anathema to the American Right, which is roughly 50% of the American electorate, and delivering punishing yet eloquent bromides about why his way was best. Needless to say this has yet to happen. Obama is a pragmatist, he appointed conservatives to the Harvard Law School Review and left off some of his black peers. He chose Biden after he made that racial gaffe in talking about how eloquent he is. Apparently people on the left thought that his clear-eyed pragmatism only applied to his handling of racial issues and isn’t a sign for how he fundamentally sees himself. They were wrong.

Now there will be a whole chorus of people opining one way or another about what this means for Obama and the nation. I’m not shocked by Obama having to explicitly spell out who he is. Not shocked by his character nor am I shocked that others refused to see it. What this means going forward? I haven’t the foggiest but I imagine Obama will continue to rack up wins, ugly wins sure, but wins all the same.

“Pride cometh before the fall”, it is a common biblical quotation but how many of us truly understand and heed these wise words? I see on a regular basis people losing because they allow their pride to steer them and hubris is a horrible co-pilot. I’m glad that I have a President who will not let his ego get in the way of helping the American people as best he can. Even if I don’t always agree with him.

“Take a tally. Look at what I promised during the campaign. There is not a single thing that I’ve said that I would do that I have not either done, or tried to do. And if I haven’t gotten it done yet, I’m still trying to do it… This isn’t an abstract debate. This is real money for real people and it will make a real difference in the lives of the folks who sent us here… I’m not here to play games with the American people or the health of our economy. My job is to do whatever I can to get this economy moving. My job is to do whatever I can to spur job creation. My job is to look out for middle-class families who are struggling right now to get by, and Americans who are out of work through no fault of their own.” -Barack Obama


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2 responses to “Moral Victories Are For Minor League Coaches

  1. Typo-Critical

    December 7, 2010 at 8:55 PM

    This is the first time really since the State of the Union Address that I’ve heard my president’s frustration spill out. You can tell he’s been restrained in a lot of his more recent speeches and such (November midterms included), and to a degree, I’m glad we’re seeing “angry Obama” now. Now people can’t say he isn’t getting mad.

    Rumble, my President, rumble.

  2. The King's Law

    December 14, 2010 at 10:38 AM

    Baracka Flocka Flames…


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