Bigger Than The Bishop

11 Dec

Reports are indicating that Bishop Eddie Long is now looking to settle out of court and not fight, fight, fight to clear his name of the heinous accusations against him…color me shocked.

Now this news isn’t enough proof to get the members of his congregation to hold the man truly accountable. As a matter of fact I doubt any development outside of actual visual representation would be enough for his parishioners and even that wouldn’t be enough for a sizable portion of them…word to Robert Kelly.

Now a lot of people will get on their soapbox and opine about why behavior like this is the reason they don’t go to church. Don’t let them fool you. People rarely stop attending a church because it is too corrupt for them. Usually it’s because they like watching football on Sunday. Think about it if someone had a really horrible experience with a church. Wouldn’t you expect them to check out at least a couple of other churches before swearing off organized religion altogether? No unless the issues stem up in bad childhood memories, blatant and scarring corruption, a crisis of faith, or personal and vindictive prosecution by the church they probably just don’t like going to church.

Instead of using this as an opportunity to articulate all the reasons you tell yourself for not getting up and going to early service people should use this as an opportunity to think about how we got to the point that the church has reached the point of being an unassailable institution to those folk who have no other place to feel as if people care about them. The church has been as source of strength especially within the black community here in America since we arrived. In a world that discouraged and destroyed black institutions the church stood as an institution that while also under threats of destruction stood tall as the place that people could go to help themselves make it through the week in a hostile and demeaning world. Even today the church is one of the few places that people feel as if they can take their problems and find their inspiration to keep on a righteous path. When others are discarded, in the best of churches they are rebuilt to better themselves.

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One response to “Bigger Than The Bishop

  1. Kashif Shahzada

    December 11, 2010 at 11:18 AM

    Dear Chad,
    Interesting to see such diverse views on faith. As this is your specialism, how would you respond to alternate views on Jesus Christ in other parts of the world? E.g. such as in this video

    Best wishes & happy holidays


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