Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta…

14 Dec

So as I was driving through my city last night, I sparked a 1 inch doobie to cap my night on the ride home. Little did I know that my right headlight was out.

A cop pulled me over, got my license and registration… comes back to my car and asks what the smell permeating from my vehicle happens to be.

I apologized on my ignorance of what he was speaking of… he asked me to exit my vehicle, flashlit my eyes to check for the Red… asks me if I’ve been smoking the MJ, and I respond by saying that I was with a friend who was smoking in my car. He states to me, “you don’t look like you’ve been smoking… so I’ll let you off with a warning for the headlight. AND STOP LETTING YOUR FRIENDS SMOKE IN YOUR CAR… they’ll get you in trouble.”

I drove off… Moral of the story… Cops don’t really believe this is a crime when done recreationally. They’re as annoyed with the fact that they have to enforce these laws as we are. Otherwise, he would’ve at least attempted to search me (and find no contraband, but he would’ve found “paraphernalia”).

My recreational activities, although harmless, are still not worth risking my career and my future for. What kind of individual would really find it worth his time to ruin my life over something that the majority of America does? Oh yea… a cop. Guess I was lucky.

At any rate… lying to a cop while under the influence gains you 10 G Points… #ImProud

KING’S LAW: Some yell fuck the police… some police yell fuck the law… but that won’t stop them from sending you to AssRapeCity… unless you’re a G like me.

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One response to “Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta…

  1. Realist23

    December 15, 2010 at 4:47 PM

    Shouts out to “Office Space”…and it’s “Federal Pound Me in the Ass Prison”


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