The Flower

19 Dec

I have yet to hear a compelling and logical argument to refute the assertion that our current Marijuana laws are deeply flawed. In absence of an opponent I’m going to continue to belabor the point. Here in a sweet short is an example of what a world with  legal weed could look like and contrasts this with our status quo. Let’s get the movement moving Texas.

h/t: Andrew Sullivan


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3 responses to “The Flower

  1. Question Everything

    December 19, 2010 at 3:35 PM

    Creative vid. Compelling argument. Legalization will never happen for a couple of reasons. Capitalism. Control. Corruption. The three C’s. Captialism means that few profit, not many and that’s what this country is all about. Control is all about governments and payroll-thugs being able to create, sustain and fuel the controlled distribution of something to make it high demand/low supply (cross border weed) that feeds the captialism. In a controlled capitalist society, corruption is a necessary agent of being able to sustain the first two C’s.

    Now, as for people, I think too many would (as many users do now) abuse weed as many do alcohol (or both). Weed smokers always try to rationalize that it’s from the earth, it’s natural, etc. Well so are a lot of things, but too much of anything is no good for you.

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    • Chad Stanton

      December 19, 2010 at 3:53 PM

      I think legalization is possible due to capitalism. Too many recognize that legal weed would be an untapped market with a loyal and large consumer base. Control is the main issue as Weed is, well a weed and thus easier to grow then tobacco. However I think that a model that allows the agriculturally inclined to grow a small amount on their own. This wouldn’t be too big of a deal because the convenience of store bought Weed would keep the vast majority of consumers from deciding to grow their own especially in our increasingly urban nation.

      Now I’m sure people will abuse weed as they do other substances but science has shown that the affects of weed abuse are less dangerous then that of almost every other illegal and legal drug. It’s less addictive then caffeine, alchohol, and nicotine, In order to overdose on marijuana you have to consume greater then 10x’s your body weight, and marijuana is shown to be far less cancerous then tobacco is. Here is a recent study that reiterates the point.

      my point being that while abuse is likely from some it is less harmful for them. Also anyone who would abuse weed when it is legal is probably abusing it now.

  2. The King's Law

    December 19, 2010 at 5:08 PM

    What I wouldn’t give to have a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy on Marijuana Usage…

    It is very possibly for people to abuse and become addicted to marijuana, but for that matter it is no worse than many legalized soft addictions: Eating (leads to obesity), Thrill-seeking (allows people to risk their lives), Drinking (you know the story)…

    My issue is that it’s regarded as a crime, but I have yet to find a victim.


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