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The Real World: New Orleans

New Orleans – I’m reflecting on the past four days of exhausting, physical exertions consisting of rebuilding houses.  Many people think that the work in New Orleans is finished since we see the Saints, Hornets, and Mardi Gras continuing with their regularly scheduled programs.  There is so much more work to be done here.  There are entire neighborhoods (mostly ours) that look like they belong in a third world country.  Nope, they’re right here in The United States of America.

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Who Will Survive In America?

“Who Will Survive In America” is a spoken word from Gil Scott-Heron. The metaphorical lashings at the Anglo concept of “free-doom” are indicative of a tradition of separatist language most reminiscent of the days of Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey.

The theory of many vocal activists of that time was that America was a place invented for people who are not of Afrikan decent. We were brought to the land to cultivate it, but not to reap from it. We were freed not to participate with the nation, but to refute claims that they were the villain. We remain not because we are welcome, but because we have no place else to go. Read the rest of this entry »


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Yeezy Taught You Well

While reading Brandon Soderberg’s awesome analysis of Kanye’s track “Blame Game” I ran across this absolute gem of observance,

Chris Rock voices the average joe that will date Kanye’s much “improved” ex next. This is a very male way to view a break-up: “How did I permanently change this girl and who’s going to get the rewards of it now that I’m outta the picture?” A silly, masculine view of a relationship for sure, but one that most dudes, no matter how evolved or whatever, adopt at some emotional breaking point or another.

While I share the assertion that at some point every dude thinks this way when going through a break-up, I genuinely must ask is this a trait exclusive to guys?

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Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta…

So as I was driving through my city last night, I sparked a 1 inch doobie to cap my night on the ride home. Little did I know that my right headlight was out.

A cop pulled me over, got my license and registration… comes back to my car and asks what the smell permeating from my vehicle happens to be.

I apologized on my ignorance of what he was speaking of… he asked me to exit my vehicle, flashlit my eyes to check for the Red… asks me if I’ve been smoking the MJ, and I respond by saying that I was with a friend who was smoking in my car. He states to me, “you don’t look like you’ve been smoking… so I’ll let you off with a warning for the headlight. AND STOP LETTING YOUR FRIENDS SMOKE IN YOUR CAR… they’ll get you in trouble.”

I drove off… Moral of the story… Cops don’t really believe this is a crime when done recreationally. They’re as annoyed with the fact that they have to enforce these laws as we are. Otherwise, he would’ve at least attempted to search me (and find no contraband, but he would’ve found “paraphernalia”).

My recreational activities, although harmless, are still not worth risking my career and my future for. What kind of individual would really find it worth his time to ruin my life over something that the majority of America does? Oh yea… a cop. Guess I was lucky.

At any rate… lying to a cop while under the influence gains you 10 G Points… #ImProud

KING’S LAW: Some yell fuck the police… some police yell fuck the law… but that won’t stop them from sending you to AssRapeCity… unless you’re a G like me.

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[The Baby Daddy Chronicles]: The Parent Trap

Disclaimer: The following are the views of a single, black father whom shares custody of his child. These views are not representative of all single fathers or black parents. These views are not meant to excuse or justify the choices or actions of any individuals. However, this discussion piece is meant to provide new perspectives and encourage dialogue. Comments are greatly appreciated.

The Baby Daddy Chronicles
I – The “Choice” of Fatherhood
II – The Parent Trap

“I personally do tend to sympathize for the man because often times he has NO SAY in the decision process when a woman gets pregnant. Whether that be to keep the baby, terminate it, or put it up for adoption. Instead the woman and typically the woman’s family make all of the decisions with the man just having to accept whatever decision is made. Even though it takes two to tango, only one vote matters that could potentially change both parties lives.” – Tava

This excerpt from one of readers comes from a female commenter on the first release of the BDC. It shines light upon the very controversial myth of “The Parenting Decision”.

The assumption is that two consenting adults can have unprotected sex, and if an unplanned occurrence were to pop up, such as pregnancy, the two adults can then decide what the best course of action is.

The truth is that many women, when faced with an unplanned pregnancy, have their decision made up before the man’s input is solicited; it’s as if they plan it without the soon-to-be-father’s knowledge. They assume that by him diving in “naked head” he was willing to support a family. Based on the last BDC entry, I’d hope that this assumption could be seen as simply asinine, foolish, illogical, and stupid.

While this doesn’t excuse men from taking care of their assumed responsibility, it does go to show you that many times women decide to parent on their own, yet aren’t willing to parent on their own. In essence, “The Parenting Decision” lies only with the mother, and for the father, it is often a “Parent Trap”. Read the rest of this entry »


Bigger Than The Bishop

Reports are indicating that Bishop Eddie Long is now looking to settle out of court and not fight, fight, fight to clear his name of the heinous accusations against him…color me shocked.

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The Future of Music: Part I

As we approach the end of the first decade of the new millennium, I’ve really started to wonder about the future of music. There were so many changes that music (especially in terms of R&B and rap) underwent in the 2000s, that I honestly don’t know where it’s going to go in 2011. However, in effort to channel my inner Negrodamus, and just because I like being right, I decided to make a series of predictions about what we should expect from Rap and R&B music in the next decade.

Prediction 1: R&B will get its groove back… with a VENGEANCE.

R&B’s roots tended (and still do tend, mostly) to fall into one of four areas:

1. subtle sensuality – such as Subway and 702’s “This Lil’ Game We Play” or Raphael Saadiq’s “Ask of You.”

2. cautionary tales or overall ecstatic feelings accompanied by beats that made you want to dance, that constituted the “rhythm” part of R&B – like Soul 4 Real’s “Candy Rain” and En Vogue’s “Never Gonna Get It (My Lovin’).”

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