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Never Say Never

Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma that you never thought you would be in? At that point, you held truth to the saying “Never Say Never”. As you play that situation out again in your mind, find comfort that we’ve all been that same place. So, as an adult, I cannot wrap my head around the idea of someone else telling me how I should feel when making a decision about my life and the life of my “future child”.

Abortion is one of the most controversial political and social issues of modern day. Read the rest of this entry »


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Voila! The Vision Board is Finished

As promised, here’s my VB. I am personally in love with the entire concept as well as my final product. You may not understand all of the images Iselected, but each and every picture means something to me and the vision I have for the future! And if you still haven’t sat down to make yours… what are you waiting for?

Mags used: Travel+Leisure, Cosmo, Essence, Ophrah, Martha Steward Living (Don't judge)

-You Heard It Here First

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Chlamydia Koalas

In a world where Magic Johnson has the cure for AIDS in his bloodstream, you would think we could fix this…

Someone done fucked up all of the Koala Pussy...

The world’s koala population is being ravaged by an epidemic that would seem at odds with the animal’s image as the cuddly emblem of Australia. According to researchers, 50 to 80 percent of the marsupials are infected with a disease commonly associated with human promiscuity: chlamydia.

That’s right, chlamydia. The situation is so dire, in fact, that experts fear the koala may become extinct in a few decades if a vaccine isn’t developed.  Read More Here…

Just a reminder… Koalas have the liberty of being trifling and not going to the clinic… But that shouldn’t be an excuse for you.

KING’S LAW: Leave them Koala Pussy Hoes alone… unless you want to be endangered.


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Say Something Baby

“I can’t find a good man”

I detest these words with a passion.  Whenever I hear a grown woman complain about her potential mates I punch a small woodland creature in my mind. I understand that there are millions of “jerks” and “dogs” in the world, I also understand that women are often approached in a way that is totally inappropriate but what I don’t understand is how these facts translate into you not being able to find a good man. Let’s look at this logically.

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Why Ya Wanna Playahate On Me???

EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING!!! This is NOT a batch of wisdom… it is truly a rant.
Another Oldie but Goodie provided by The King’s Law

It is “human” for us to question and criticize that which is presented to us to be the unrefutable truth. The most highly regarded and supported text is also the world’s most scrutinized text.

With that said… why is it ever a surprise to the masses that somebody will have an opinion? Is it not my (or others’) right to think for themselves? Is it not your right to disagree? Sure… but your disagreement SHOULD NOT come to the following conclusion everytime you don’t understand the disagreement…

“You’re a hater”

I hate the word “hater”… I hate it more than the word “swag”… I hate it more than I hate stupid people… cuz it’s usually when I hear somebody use the word that I realize how stupid they are.

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“Men don’t cheat on their Barbers”

Awhile back I  had a convo with one of my homeboys and revealed  that I drive two hours to another city to get my hair done. I waited a few seconds for his reaction, only for him to shrug & say “cool”. I was shocked that he didnt do the usual “so there ain’t nobody here that can do your hair?!” thing. However I was glad that I didn’t have to explain why my grown, educated, & employed self drove MY car two hours to spend MY money to get a decent hairstyle. I asked why he was un-phased…

Him: “You’re loyal to your stylist because they do such a great job on your hair, I’m the same with my barber”

Me: EXACTLY. wait, you would drive 2hrs to get a hair cut, that’s ridiculous!

Him: oh it would be ridiculous for me, But not for you? 

Me: Yep! (hypocritical, I know)

Him: I prolly wouldn’t drive 2hrs, but I respect the principle behind it! You can’t trust just any ni**a wit your taper…

Heres the thing, i feel like there are a million great barbers out there, but any dealings with a woman’s head takes real skill. Most people don’t notice wether or not a guy’s barber is good or great! As long as he doesn’t have a chilli bowl, and his edge up is straight, then he’s good money. My only pet peeve is when guys try and cut/line themselves up because they’re either too cheap or too lazy to pay the Measly $15-20 (which is nothing compared to the bread women spend). 

Anyway after a long debate, he explained that a man & his barber have a very unique bond that is not easily broken. According to him “men don’t cheat on their barbers” 


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True Hater$

True Hater$: Someone who intrinsically can not say anything good about something or someone good.

I think we can all agree on this definition. At some point in your life, you have been a hater too. If you say you haven’t you a damn lie. I hated plenty of times; although, I do not believe a single act of “hating” make a person a true hater.

True haters say or do one of  the following:

Person A: “I love these eggs! Wow, are these cage free? You scrambled them so well.”

Person B: “Thank You. Enjoy”

True Hater: “I mean, they alright. I’ve had better. Caged or un-caged an egg is an egg you know. ”


Person A: “Oh, Nice car! What’s that, leather interior? Navigation, bluetooth! Wow! You are doing big things”

Person B: “I’m just grateful God has blessed me”

True Hater: “Yeah, yeah thats what’s up, but uh I bet them car notes killing you right? I mean some of them features you don’t even really need like navigation… I mean where you going?”

Some people, no matter what the situation always have something negative to say. Some haters even hate on themselves.

I got to thinking… Is hating all that bad? Does a hater ruin your mood or make you work harder? Think about the haters in your life. All the people that talked crap about your accomplishments whether it was blatant or subtle. At some point, their hate for your victories fueled you to become more and more victorious.

So, next time you see a hater… and it may very well be me, SAY THANK YOU!



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Our Vices Will Unite Us

With technology allowing the majority of Americans an ability to find a unique and niche culture that caters specifically to them we have become a nation whose cultural bonds have loosened. We have always been a nation that highly values individualism and novelty but today we have almost come to the full fruition of the ideal with every man, woman, and child presenting something of a personal brand that is unique to them in some way shape form and fashion.

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The Rise and Fall of Eddie Murphy i.e. 5 Best/Worst Movies EVER

Whether it be his one of a kind laugh, or his giant grin, who can honestly say they hate Eddie Murphy? He’s done so much for not just black cinema but cinema as a whole. But with such a burden came a huge responsibility to keep that integrity alive. Something that Eddie Murphy absolutely has betrayed in every way. This might be one of the most tragic tales in all of Hollywood to a living star. Before getting into my list, let me just say how much I truly hate that there will be a generation of people who only knows Eddie Murphy as Donkey from Shrek. On top of that, when you see him perform in a movie like Dreamgirls, YOU SEE HOW PHENOMENAL AN ACTOR HE IS!!! SO WHY DOES HE DEMEAN HIMSELF WITH SUCH SHIT ROLES?!?!?!?!?! Ok…. Sorry, but this has to be one of the biggest enigmas in movie history…. With that said, on to the list.

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Taking Losses

I’m a helper. I do what I can to help as many people as I possibly can, as much as a possibly can within reason. If someone needs a contact I’ll see if I have one. If someone needs that perfect word it will torment me until I find it. It is in my nature to be helpful, it only makes sense to me because when I’m in a place that requires the help of others I am appreciative.  This is why it is maddening for me to feel like I’ve failed someone when they needed help the most.

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