Top Ten Movies of 2010 Part 1

05 Jan

Yes sir everyone, 2010 is in the books and after seeing The Top 10 Albums being covered on this blog, I’m taking it on myself to cover the movies of 2010. Yes, 2010 wasn’t exactly the best for the film world as originality seemed at a minimum and sequels again seemed to dominate the box office. But of those new projects and sequels were a couple of really great gems. Here’s my list with a few notes, starting at number 10. Also at the end of this, I’ll list all the movies I did see last year so you can see where I’m coming from and see why some aren’t listed.

10. Inception

If you didn't know how this great scene was done...they just rotated the room.


-Pretty innovative movie (in design and story) from top to bottom and everyone played their parts pretty well.

-The rotating room sequence is probably in my Top 10 or 5 All-time movie sequences. It was so badass and all they did was have two people fight in a rotating room!


-The story to a certain extent: The dream within a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream……see where I’m going here? I felt that at a certain point the writers just wrote themselves in a hole and decided to pull this card to keep the audience enticed. I’m not buying it.

-Length. At 142 minutes looking back on it you realize how long this movie is. Now for the record, I can sit through long movies. Some of my favorite movies are over an hour and 40 mins. This movie to me suffers from the Avatar complex. This movie could’ve easily shaved off 20 mins and been better.

-Re-watching: I definitely base most of my movies on how many times I can rewatch it. I don’t get that vibe from this movie at all. I’m sure I’ll give it another chance but truthfully, it just was ok to me.

9. Iron Man 2


Robert Downey Jr.: The thing I love most about these 2 films is him. Next to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, or Heath Ledger’s Joker, I think Robert Downey was made for Tony Stark. He doesn’t even have to act. They just ask him to be himself on screen and instead of calling him Robert they call him Tony.

Samuel L. Jackson: The guy is great. I’ll leave it at that.

Scarlett Johansson: She can beat me up any time she wants.

Bigger and better: The 2nd movie let them up the budget


Mickey Rourke: Plays a good but not great villain. I think that’s going to be the issue in large part with all these movies. I specialize more in Spider-Man/Super-Man/Bat-Man lore so I don’t know a lot about the Iron Man culture. It just seems like the films are going to be how Tony interacts with his cast of characters and then at the end of the movie, boss fight and then credits.

Don Cheadle/Terrance Howard: Look, Don is a great actor. But I personally really liked Terrance in the first movie so I was extremely disappointed that he thought he was worth more than he was for the sequels. Howard can play the funny second fiddle better than Don and in these movies that are more funny than serious, you kind of need that.

Movies feel kind of empty: I’ve really enjoyed the first 2 films but even I have to admit that there isn’t any real substance to these films. You always feel that they’re leading to something that may ultimately never happen. I think it will taint these films if they don’t find a way to resolve this in upcoming films.

*I forgot to add this but, one of my huge things I hated was that the scene from the trailer when Pepper kisses Tony’s helmet and then throws it out of the plane with him chasing it and saying “You complete me.” is completely omitted from the movie!!!! I was really looking forward to that!

8. Machete

A bad man with A LOT of knives.


Violence: This film is hilariously gory. Like at some points I genuinely laughed and said “WTF is going on??” It can be quite a fascinating thing.

One Liners: This movie is full of them. This is a movie that while has some serious moments at times, doesn’t really take its self serious. The best one on the top of my head is “Machete don’t text.”


Two words: Jessica Alba. This was the movie that I truly realized that Jessica Alba is kept in movies for her looks. She can’t act AN OUNCE!!! There are serious, motivational parts of this movie where she has to stand up and be assertive and you look on and just shake your head and keep yourself from laughing. If you haven’t seen this movie, trust me, it’s that bad. This movie gets hurt in my overall year rankings on her performance alone.

*Note from 7 on up I have to be honest that I truly love all the movies from this point forward. I’m going to try to be objective but in a lot of these, I don’t have much to nit pick with them.

7. Kick-Ass

Hit Girl is one of the coolest characters in film in at least 10 years.


-The story: WOW! This movie files under the category of one of those movies you truly can’t explain to someone because you ruin the story. You go into it thinking one thing and then are totally shocked by the way the movie actually is. And yet, even though you have this other idea how this movie is supposed to be, you’re blown away by how great it is. How many times does that happen?

Nick Cage: Yes, Cage on more than one occasion has proven to be a giant idiot on screen but in this flick, not so much. That’s why he gets this note. It’s often hard for him to not be a douche on screen. Kind of like Tom Cruise. You just usually get that instant douche feeling when you look at them. He did a good job of keeping that in check. Good for him.

Hit Girl: Easily the best character in the movie. This pint size superhero has a foul mouth and has been trained since she was a baby to kick grown men’s asses. And she does a great job of it. If you’re on the fence about this movie, Hit Girl should make you want to watch.


Honestly didn’t have any with this film. Thought it was done really well and there was little issue with it. It was a unique kind of super hero movie.

6. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


-Filled with videogame nostalgia, it is a fanboy’s romantic comedy. It’s adapted from a long running book series about Scott Pilgrim and his girlfriend, Ramona, and the trials and tribulations with dealing with her seven evil exes.

-The movie had a cast of really B level cast mates but all play great roles in the movie. There’s a genuine bond and familiarity in the movie and it shows on screen.


The mood of the movie is sort of down trodden which is who Scott Pilgrim. He’s a real ho hum kind of guy so it sort of brings the movie down when you’re in the middle of laughing or really enjoying the rest of the movie.

Rest of the list will be coming soon…..


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3 responses to “Top Ten Movies of 2010 Part 1

  1. MichaelYoungHistory

    January 5, 2011 at 5:03 PM

    You know I hate Iron Man, so I’ll leave that…

    I’m glad you included Kick Ass. That movie was so underrated. They even made Nicholas Cage look good, first time since Face Off! (Great Movie)

    Scott Pilgrim would have been in my top 5 as well as Inception. Still havent seen Machete yet though. I really need too. Gonna get Social Network and Scott Pilgrim on Blu Ray here soon. Cant wait for 1-5

  2. The Big Socrates

    January 5, 2011 at 5:09 PM

    Sigh…you continually saying Face Off was a great movie hurts your movie credibility. EVERY TIME.

  3. beachbum

    January 5, 2011 at 7:15 PM

    Inception at 10, loss of cred


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