[KL:Consideration]: The Consideration of Time

12 Jan

The King’s Law on Consideration

I – To consider or not to consider, that is the “?”
II – Let’s be honest about honesty…
III – Honesty’s Gray Area
IV – Egocentrism and Honesty
V – The Consideration of Time

So…. I’ve been writing this blog now for a minute… now I’m placing up old posts, and some people are telling me that I have too much time on my hands…which I don’t believe to be possible… how can one ever have too much time?

time (noun)

  • 1 .the system of those sequential relations that any event has to any other, as past, present, or future; indefinite and continuous duration regarded as that in which events succeed one another.
  • 2 .a limited period or interval, as between two successive events
  • 3. the right occasion or opportunity

There are 64 entries for a definition of “time” on; all of them consider time to be a finite concept.

Many theorists believe “time” is finite, having a beginning (that hasn’t been proven yet) and an end (which we continue to predict falsely). While many scientists continue to study the history of the world (the record of events over a period of time), and thus our historic calendar continues to prove that “time” goes back further than humans can measure or record, we are concurrently concerned about the “end of time.”

The uses of human resources, technology, brain and brawn have been applied to study and preservation of “time.” Time is viewed as a resource that cannot be gained but can certainly be lost. Time is the most valuable resource man has… with certainty we know that once we have no more “time” our lives are up. This is a result of our egocentrism… we can only measure time for as long as we live, and thus even though there is “time” before and after our existence, it is not a usable resource unless it is “time” that you own.

Because everybody has a limited time to live, we attempt to make the most meaningful use of our time. Thus when giving time to something/somebody, you are sacrificing a resource, a portion of your existence, and ultimately your consideration.

Time is one of the most sensitive types of consideration to give… honesty, trust, faith: all of these are considerations that are replenished over time and can be given without fear that the supply will run scarce. However, without time these considerations cannot be restocked.

For example, let’s say you put trust in a friend… the friend betrays you… over time you learn to trust again and you offer that consideration to the next deserving person. But what if you didn’t have any time to give? What if the “limited interval” in which you were betrayed was the last of your entire “limited interval”?

We are born into this world… and by fate we are granted a specific amount of time to live. The issue is we don’t know how long we have. I may have 65 years to use, or I may only have 27 years. Essentially, the next day (or the next second) is not promised to us. Thus…

KING’S LAW: Time should be considered our most scarce resource and form of consideration because we never know how much time we have left.

This leads me to the point of today’s thought. If time is scarce, how is it that we can ever have “too much time on our hands”? We live lives of performative contradiction when we recognize our existence is temporary yet we carry on as if we have transcended “time”… as if we can’t die today.

With all of the goals and ambitions we create for ourselves, how many of them can be reach or attained today? Not many… yet we have still been able to justify bumming it, procrastinating, and simply wasting our time.

This is just another example of our lack of embracing our egocentrism and also proof that we are dishonest with ourselves. Don’t lie and say you have time tomorrow. Don’t omit and forget you could die today. Don’t euphemize and sugarcoat your acceptance of your unpredictable and ultimately untimely fate.

KING’S LAW: Be considerate to yourself and be honest: we are born to [eventually] die.

Everything else we do has a high probability of being meaningless to the rest of the world. BUT… if it matters to you, whatever “it” may be, then show it the consideration you think it deserves and give it your time. Otherwise, once you do consider yourself, you’ll regret how much time/consideration you have wasted.

Hopefully this blog isn’t a waste of mine…


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