Confessions of A (negative) Thinker

19 Jan

Confession: I have a very ugly thought life. I take good things and make them bad, all in my head. I want the greatest things for myself and my life in my heart. But, what if it doesn’t pan out? Disappointment, rejection, let-down, and regret are some of the toughest emotions I’ve had to deal with in the short 20-something years of my life.

I’m a person that is fortunate, though, in that I know myself very well. I know what I want out of life in my heart, but I don’t allow myself to think about it in my head. Why? Precisely because I do not want to deal with all those feelings and emotions I mentioned earlier. But I got to thinking (as I often do)…

Could I be thwarting good things from happening to me because I refuse to think about what I REALLY want for fear of a let down? Seems like a cowardly way to live.

But that brought me to an even bigger question…

Can our Thoughts create our Reality? If so, I’m screwed. Hope is something I don’t do. So I thought on it and thought on it, and here’s what I came up with. Three things to consider, and then something to try:

PERSPECTIVE– I know our thoughts can shape and change our perspective on our reality. .. The sky is blue. That’s real, and we can’t change that… but our thoughts that shape our perspective can change whether we love or hate blue. Our thoughts have the power to change our attitude even if we can’t change what’s real.

FOCUS– We tend to get sidetracked and lose our focus in life, which can in turn have us lose our purpose in this life. I think passion, focus, and purpose all work together beautifully. We have to keep our eyes on the prize, and if we have visual representations of our prize around us, that can certainly be beneficial.

FAITH/BELIEF– Our thoughts are powerful. Thoughts left alone will simmer and eventually bubble over into words that can spur action. Our actions can bring very REAL consequences into our life aka our reality. When we are acted upon, we act based on what we believe… and trusting that the outcomes life hands us will be in our favor is faith.

Conclusion: Our thought-inspired actions do have a hand in creating our reality. You can’t change what is real. But, you can change how you react to it starting with what and how you think about IT. And so all of this has got me feeling a little creative. I’ve decided to make myself a vision board, and if you can relate to me/my post in any way, I suggest you think about making one too!


1. Sit alone. Turn off the TV/radio/distractions. Think. Know who you are. Know who God created you to be. Know your purpose. Now visualize what you need to take you from where you are now to THERE.

(Try not to visualize stacks of money, fancy cars, or mansions. Go deeper than your wants and search for your true desires.)

2. Time to get crafty. Go out, grab a poster board, some magazines, cloth swatches, whatever! Things that you can touch and feel to give the board some flare. When looking for images, think with everything BUT your head. Look for responses that include feelings, emotions, tinglings, quickenedd heart beats, ooh’s and aaah’s. Then grab some glue and get to work!

3. Now here’s the hard part. Don’t let go, but don’t push it. Put it someplace where you’ll see it often to remind you to stay focused on what the VB represents and the thoughts and emotions that led you to create it. Let it guide you in your  decision making. But don’t remain SO focused that you miss out on life’s little surprises. We all know that when we make a plan, we make God laugh. You get the ball rolling by THINKING. Your thoughts consciously and subconsciously will lead you to perform the actions that create your reality.

Side note: I haven’t done this before, but I’m excited about this little, but powerful project. I’m giving myself a week to get it done, so check back here in seven days for some pics of my final project!

-You Heard It Here First


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3 responses to “Confessions of A (negative) Thinker

  1. MichaelYoungHistory

    January 19, 2011 at 7:51 PM

    This was an awesome post! Its so hard not to think negatively, but I think this is a very good venture! Good luck!

  2. primemeridian11

    January 20, 2011 at 8:01 PM

    Great stuff! I’ve actually been meaning to do a vision board for a while. I will have to send you a pic when I am done. Also, I’m a negative thinker too. I used to say it was just me being a “realist”, but it is just negative. Sometimes when I am having negative thought, I tweet something that is sickeningly positive just to sike myself out. LOL!

    • YouHeardItHereFirst

      January 20, 2011 at 9:16 PM

      You would! hah! My mom says that the things we hope for come to fruition through FAITH! Whew! If you really think hard on that, it’s actually quite simple yet quite profound.


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