Our Vices Will Unite Us

21 Jan

With technology allowing the majority of Americans an ability to find a unique and niche culture that caters specifically to them we have become a nation whose cultural bonds have loosened. We have always been a nation that highly values individualism and novelty but today we have almost come to the full fruition of the ideal with every man, woman, and child presenting something of a personal brand that is unique to them in some way shape form and fashion.

Now you can’t have a nation without cultural touchstones and while we are running in no short supply of patriotism what truly bonds us across all lines are vices.

Whether you are a card-carrying socialist or a staunch libertarian you both probably enjoy a cold beer when it is convenient. Alcohol is the global social lubricant that allows two people who have absolutely nothing in common to at least tolerate each other until they finish their glasses. Ask Barack Obama he didn’t serve the professor and the cop lager without reason.

Sex is as universal an experience you will find. In a poll 90+% of Americans said that they have participated in pre-marital sex. You can’t get 90+% of Americans to agree on the sky being blue. Given these numbers it’s not hard to understand why sex is something that is constantly talked about across our popular cultures be they that of sex workers who want respect or Christians who seek to convince their folk to wait until marriage.

I write this not to promote drinking and having sex. That’s your choice and if you decide to partake do that responsibly. I write this to point out the obvious in a nation that is as divided as ever our vices are nearly universal.

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4 responses to “Our Vices Will Unite Us

  1. Question Everything

    January 22, 2011 at 10:11 AM

    So, could an argument be made that our universal/binding vices are imitations of dominant culture? Could you argue that these vices are imitations of our unspoken infatuation with one another and these cultural markers of excellence, vice, curiosity and the like?

    • Chad Stanton

      January 22, 2011 at 10:38 AM

      Rather than an imitation I would say our vices serve as a strong current in our dominant culture, either we react to our vices or we are participating in them. I don’t think they speak to an infatuation with each other but to the eternal need for companionship our vices make it easier to be around each other. Both sex and alcohol, as well as other vices, all seem to have an extraordinary ability to paper over people’s fundamental differences and make cohabitation agreeable.


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