“Men don’t cheat on their Barbers”

22 Jan

Awhile back I  had a convo with one of my homeboys and revealed  that I drive two hours to another city to get my hair done. I waited a few seconds for his reaction, only for him to shrug & say “cool”. I was shocked that he didnt do the usual “so there ain’t nobody here that can do your hair?!” thing. However I was glad that I didn’t have to explain why my grown, educated, & employed self drove MY car two hours to spend MY money to get a decent hairstyle. I asked why he was un-phased…

Him: “You’re loyal to your stylist because they do such a great job on your hair, I’m the same with my barber”

Me: EXACTLY. wait, you would drive 2hrs to get a hair cut, that’s ridiculous!

Him: oh it would be ridiculous for me, But not for you? 

Me: Yep! (hypocritical, I know)

Him: I prolly wouldn’t drive 2hrs, but I respect the principle behind it! You can’t trust just any ni**a wit your taper…

Heres the thing, i feel like there are a million great barbers out there, but any dealings with a woman’s head takes real skill. Most people don’t notice wether or not a guy’s barber is good or great! As long as he doesn’t have a chilli bowl, and his edge up is straight, then he’s good money. My only pet peeve is when guys try and cut/line themselves up because they’re either too cheap or too lazy to pay the Measly $15-20 (which is nothing compared to the bread women spend). 

Anyway after a long debate, he explained that a man & his barber have a very unique bond that is not easily broken. According to him “men don’t cheat on their barbers” 


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4 responses to ““Men don’t cheat on their Barbers”

  1. realist23

    January 22, 2011 at 8:35 PM

    It is so hard to find a good barber who makes your hair lay down the way you want it to lay down, knows the right length, knows the right clippers to use to maximize your wave pattern, does a perfect taper fade, does a good razor edge up, and tightens up your facial hair. I was fortunate to have a great barber in Austin who I went to all 4 years of college and my cousin cut my hair when I moved back to Dallas. Every two weeks, I’m tempted to call him and fly him out here just so I can get that epic taper fade again. After lots of research and close examinations of some of my black, male friends here, I found a good barber who gets the job done…but he’s not my cousin or my old barber in Austin. Getting a haircut is a sacred ritual for me, and I like having my barber take time on my head to make sure I’m looking good for the ladies. Real talk, a fresh haircut is the closest thing to sex for me. This is very serious.

  2. Embossme (via phone)

    January 23, 2011 at 11:46 PM

    Ha!!!! “a fresh haircut is the closet thing to sex”
    That’s hilarious… Btw you broke that thang down… Wave patterns, razor edge ups, facial hair upkeep… Didn’t know it was that serious, but you def confirmed my friends argument…. *shrugs* who knew?

  3. Typo-Critical

    January 24, 2011 at 2:14 PM

    I agree with 23’s sentiments (though I don’t know that I would go as far as saying “a fresh haircut is the closest thing to sex”… when done right, it DOES do wonders for one’s confidence. that’s as far as I’ll go lol). I had a barber I could go to in Austin – thankfully, I found one in East Austin after spending my whole first semester relying on that place on The Drag, which was swindletastic – but it just did not compare to the one I had in good ol’ Mo. City.

    I’ll extend this “cheat on your barber” concept a little bit further. I didn’t really have any type of consistent father figure in my life to school me on barbershop etiquette. I usually just rode with my grandfather to his barber while I was in high school and when I came home from UT to work on summers. The barber I had in Mo. City, I wasn’t aware that one had to “consistently stay” with the one barber. So for a minute – maybe from junior year high school through third year at UT *sigh* yes, that long – I was literally thinking it was “okay” to get your hair cut by one individual and, if you went to the barber shop and your usual barber wasn’t there, it was okay to get your cut by that other individual. I often felt like I HAD cheated on my original barber on the occasions when both aforementioned individuals happened to be working on the same day.

    I’m sure I’m asking to be roasted here, but that’s my story. Thankfully, these days I have a better understanding of that and a good relationship with my current barber that’s closer to where I stay in Houston. I trust him with even the SIMPLEST of edge-ups because quite frankly, I know my place, and my barber does it so much better #pause.

  4. Jan Quiroga

    April 9, 2011 at 3:06 AM

    I have been searching for a barber in Austin for the past several months. Where do you guys go to get it done in Austin?


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