Why Ya Wanna Playahate On Me???

24 Jan
EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING!!! This is NOT a batch of wisdom… it is truly a rant.
Another Oldie but Goodie provided by The King’s Law

It is “human” for us to question and criticize that which is presented to us to be the unrefutable truth. The most highly regarded and supported text is also the world’s most scrutinized text.

With that said… why is it ever a surprise to the masses that somebody will have an opinion? Is it not my (or others’) right to think for themselves? Is it not your right to disagree? Sure… but your disagreement SHOULD NOT come to the following conclusion everytime you don’t understand the disagreement…

“You’re a hater”

I hate the word “hater”… I hate it more than the word “swag”… I hate it more than I hate stupid people… cuz it’s usually when I hear somebody use the word that I realize how stupid they are.

HATE is a very strong word… just as love is. Both are very much overused, however that doesn’t justify their overuse. Hate isn’t a trendy word/concept/topic… it’s been around forever and will not go away. Words like “tight” “crunk” “mark” (I went old school with that) “swagger” “Perez Hilton”…. these will all go away, so feel free to play them out as much as possible… but please save yourself the embarrassment of utilizing a malapropism because you’re confused about the nature of human/public opinion.
Hate (n.) – to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest

Notice all those adjectives and adverbs in the definition? that means you don’t hate something if you simply dislike it. People love to throw the word “hater” around when they really mean “disliker”… but nobody’s gonna say that cuz it actually sounds worse. Somebody realized this to the point that the created the phrase “hate on” in order to make the thought sound more unique to what they were trying to convey… however it still misuses the word. There is still a difference between an actual HATER, and a “hater”.

I’ll use the best example I have to prove my point… if you know me, you saw this coming before you go this far down the blog…


Wow… now let me start with the good news. Beyonce is an enormous talent. You cannot deny the strength of her singing voice, her success as a member of one of the most successful female RnB groups, her dedication to becoming a better all-around entertainer, or her business savvy and the way she cheats her fans out of money by re-releasing the same albums over and over again. HOWEVER… that does not mean I have to enjoy her music.

All these Beyonce-lovers are walking around looking, waiting, wanting to walk out of the front door of “stuck on her nuts mansion” to tell somebody why they’ll never be invited in the clubhouse… I care… I really do… please sense my sarcasm.

Fans of Bey, understand that her music is made for single women (usually embittered by bad relationships), women with low self-esteem (and need to hear a message that makes them feel like they’re in charge of their situation), or people in general who like to shake their ass (cuz she has decent production occasionally). I am none of the three… so if you call me a Bey-“hater” (which really means disliker), why would that matter? OOOHHHHH … you THINK it matters cuz you think I really HATE her… but wouldn’t that be my prerogative as well???? And why is it your damn business? If it isn’t affecting her, why do you need to defend her? Is my lack of desire to hear her music going to kill her career? Does that upset you? Don’t answer that, save the oxygen for people who have meaningful shit to talk about.

People have opinions.. I happen to be very opinionated. People who call other people “haters” are opinion-“haters”… they want the rest of the world to think like them…. they share traits with Hitler and Stalin and Bill O’Reily…. but hey they’re entitled to their opinions too. Why is nobody calling them “haters”… OOOOHHHH, that’s because they actually are HATERS. I guess the term is reserved for those whose opinions are simply just that… and people whose opinions actually lead to bad shit are excused.

Slaveowners were HATERS, the Turks are some HATERS (read about the Armenian Genocide), North Korea is ran by a HATER, Teri McMillan is a (man)HATER (just cuz she doesn’t know where to place her love…), PETA is a HATING-ass-organization (for a good cause, but HATE none-the-less)… Do you get my point… hate actually means something, and dumbfucks like YOU (if you use the word) are killing it’s meaning.

And if LOVE is the antithesis of HATE, and it’s losing its meaning, you wonder why LOVE is losing its power… HATE implies that I wish bad things would happen to you, that I wish you would die, or that I wish you would just stop existing…

I HATE racism, I HATE really hot days outside, I HATE when Financial Aid is late with my money, I HATE LOVE-HATERS, I actually HATE HATEFUL people… Bey and her fans/underachieving women of the world who wish they had “haters” do not command that kind of attention…

***Side-Note… Bey is the best example… these words also apply to all of you Wayne and Jay-Z Stans in the world… it’s okay to like somebody that other people don’t like. The world will not end if I prefer to not hear what I believe to be gimmick rap…. especially when D.O.A. is nothing but a “hater” track… it’s cool when he does it, right?***

People are walking around listening to this young lady thinking that they are her… excuse my Russian but “hoe sit down.” Nobody is “hating” on you and your sad attempts to be “significant” enough to be “hated”/disliked…. and it’s not attractive either. Whatever dumbass came up with this theory that “haters make me greater” needs to fall back too. True – adversity can make you stronger, but if it takes somebody telling you that they don’t like you for you to get your shit together, you just need some Jesus (or a Brain, shoutout to the Scarecrow from the Wiz). If somebody really HATED you, there’s a good chance you’d be dead by now or at least somebody would’ve made an attempt at taking your life… ask people who had REAL HATERS that… MLK, Malcom X, Harry Potter, that guy in Smokin’ Aces…
It never occurs to “hater”-“haters” that some of these outside opinions might have merit though. Like if I tell you your tracks look old and you should consider getitng your hair re-did, that doesn’t mean I’m talking down, or I don’t like you, or that you’re a better person now because I called you out… IT REALLY MEANS YOUR HAIR LOOKS LIKE SHIT. Damn… it just goes to show you that people really dont know how to handle honesty… and you wonder why people walk through life lying to your punk-ass.

In summation… “hater” is a fake concept, and isn’t even worth using, because if it’s wrong to have an opinion, then it’s wrong to be human… Your stance on calling somebody a “hater” makes you a “hater” too… but pots love to call the kettle black tho…

At the end of the day, I’mma blast my MJ and ignore his “haters”… ignore the “hater”-“haters” that think I’m a lowly person cuz it’s not Bey I’m jamming… and I’mma enjoy my day. You should try it. Focusing on “hate” is part of the reason why people can’t focus on substance… so busy worried about having people DISLIKE you that you cant do something that actually matters… Not to say I’ve never been guilty… but maybe I’m just “hating”.


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2 responses to “Why Ya Wanna Playahate On Me???

  1. fnasty

    January 26, 2011 at 1:46 PM

    PETA is a HATING-ass-organization …lmao


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