Voila! The Vision Board is Finished

27 Jan

As promised, here’s my VB. I am personally in love with the entire concept as well as my final product. You may not understand all of the images Iselected, but each and every picture means something to me and the vision I have for the future! And if you still haven’t sat down to make yours… what are you waiting for?

Mags used: Travel+Leisure, Cosmo, Essence, Ophrah, Martha Steward Living (Don't judge)

-You Heard It Here First

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One response to “Voila! The Vision Board is Finished

  1. Typo-Critical

    January 28, 2011 at 8:34 AM

    This is AMAZING! I honestly intend to go to work on a vision board of my own next month. I guess what you see it on paper/on the board, it looks that much more attainable. I’m inspired. Way to go, YHItHF!


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