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[KL:Consideration]: Consideration Accounting 101

The King’s Law on Consideration

I – To consider or not to consider, that is the “?”
II – Let’s be honest about honesty…
III – Honesty’s Gray Area
IV – Egocentrism and Honesty
V – The Consideration of Time
VI – The Consideration of Self
VII – Consideration Accounting 101

If you missed the last blog (The Consideration of Self) about “happiness”, essentially all you need to get from it is that “happiness” exists when you have something to be happy about… when things/people that make you happy are present.

The reason for this is simple… Ownership. People love (the illusion of) having things. Ownership implies comfort, convenience, satisfaction, and availability. Ownership provides security and thus a sense of stability. However, when those things we’d like to claim are not there, we are insecure because there is no guarantee that we can access, use, and thus be satisfied by the object of our happiness. That’s because we view these objects as:

property – noun
something at the disposal of a person, a group of persons, or the community or public

Today I thought of an interesting analogy to discuss this, however I’m afraid that it may only be appealing to people who enjoy financial talk… but I’ll keep the schooliness out of it as much as possible. (However this is definitely a good supplemental read for an introductory Accounting course) Read the rest of this entry »


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My Fellow Americans

Many people have asked me why I’ve decided to form an exploratory committee for the Republican Presidential Nomination even though I’m a 23-year-old liberal with no money, no political connections, and no chance of winning. Well America it is because I have a big heart. At this time I think the Republicans could use a serious candidate in their race.

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Sports in Real Life Vol. 1

“Sports is human life in microcosm”

-Howard Cosell

As a sports fan of the XX chromosome variety, I couldn’t help but notice that last night’s Heat-Cavs game felt a lot like the hangover (and eventual rejuvenation) that accompanies breakups. From the female perspective, breakups are not only painful at the initial dissolution of the relationship, but a dull, constant ache that lingers like a sprained ankle  in the days, weeks and months that follow. Lebron broke the city of Cleveland’s heart last summer, and after the dramatics that ensued last night, the Cavs and its fans can finally move on. I hope. So here’s my letter to the city of Cleveland. I understand how you felt, and I’m sure you love how you feel right now. Soak it up, because there’s nothing else to look forward to until the draft.

Dear Cleveland Cavaliers players, coaches, fans, staff, mascot, cheerleaders and management (especially Dan Gilbert. That guy seemed pretty pissed after The Decision),

Congratulations! You have achieved what so many women around the world hope to accomplish after a particularly rough breakup. You finally got the upper hand and embarrassed your ex in a way he will never forget while looking like the bigger person. No easy feat. Trust me, I’ve tried. Your resiliency despite losing a ridiculous lead made for a great Tuesday night, and one that Bron Bron will never forget.

You see, I know how breakups are. He breaks up with you via Facebook (or in your case, ESPN. Sorry about that…) and changes his relationship status without even the customary breakup dinner.


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Big K.R.I.T’s “Return of 4eva” Review

For those of you who haven’t kept your ears close enough to the streets the last few years, Big K.R.I.T. has returned to your area on an Amtrak, so you don’t have any excuses this time around. “K.R.I.T. Wuz Here” put this man on the map in a big way. MichaelYoungHistory paid homage to that mixtape in this post. I don’t think people have fully grasped how talented this rapper/producer is. The South should be proud. Mississippi, stand and be recognized. Without further ado, here are the songs that stood out the most to me.
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[KL:Consideration]: The Consideration of Self

The King’s Law on Consideration

I – To consider or not to consider, that is the “?”
II – Let’s be honest about honesty…
III – Honesty’s Gray Area
IV – Egocentrism and Honesty
V – The Consideration of Time
VI – The Consideration of Self


“You might as well have fun, ’cause your happiness is done and your goose is cooked.”

I’m thankful for true friends. I understand that they cannot all be there when you call, and they may not have the answers… but true friends will look after you and try to get you headed in the right direction, no matter how it may impact your emotions today (honesty). Even if it’s only one person today, I’m happy to know I matter to somebody.

A couple of years back, I was sitting at work, thinking about how over “time” days that were supposed to be meaningful have grown to be more and more… well less. Easters, Christmases, New Years, Birthdays… they mattered less to others, and in turn mattered less to me. At this point, the thought of receiving a gift is farfetched… I’d be surprised if I could pay people to care about me on these days. Yet… it’s common to say “happy” or “merry” when mentioning these days as if it is assumed that everyone shares that emotion because of what day it is.

For the first time in my young adult old life, I was able to say I know what it feels like to be alone on the holidays… it sucks… it’s depressing. Read the rest of this entry »


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Love Is…

So, I’m not usually the sappy type, but its one of those days. I’ve been a bit down today, but I got an email that cheered me up in a second. Some of you may have seen this, but some group of “professional people” polled children ages 4-8 on what love is. Of course, some of the answers are priceless, like a more advanced version of “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” Here is the article in its entirety, but I’ve picked out a few of my favorites to share with you all.

“Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other.” Karl – age 5

“Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs.” Chrissy – age 6

“Love is when you kiss all the time. Then when you get tired of kissing, you still want to be together and you talk more. My Mommy and Daddy are like that. They look gross when they kiss” Emily – age 8

“Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.” Bobby – age 7 (Wow!)

“Love is when Mommy gives Daddy the best piece of chicken.” Elaine-age 5 (<— word)

“Love is when Mommy sees Daddy smelly and sweaty and still says he is handsomer than Robert Redford.” Chris – age 7

“You really shouldn’t say ‘I love you’ unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget.” Jessica – age 8

The thing that makes the article so good is that you would get similar answers from adults. If someone walked up to you on the street, what would you say? The fact that something can be so pure that both children and adults struggle to define it, yet all seek it is pretty incredible. Hope this made your day as it made mine.


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Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

Mathew 27:46 is so relevant to my sports life in the last 14 months or so. I don’t know what I did, but the all-knowing Sports Gods hate me right now. ALOT. Don’t believe me. Have a look at my bad fortune! (Note: if you didnt realize this by now, this post has absolutely nothing to do with religion lol)

The Beginning…

It all started around January 7th, 2010. A day that shall live in infamy for myself and fellow Longhorn fans. In Pasadena against a vaunted Alabama team after a near victory against the Suh led Nebraska team in the Big XII Championship, Texas was a heavy underdog. However, the horns came out swinging, stopping Bama on an ill-advised fake punt. Bama looked scared. Texas looked pumped to shock the world. Then it happened…

Colt Mccoy gets hurt early in the National Championship game. Little did we know that it would be his last play as a Longhorn. Still gives me chills...

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Good Ass Job: A Toast to the “Sellouts”

People do indeed make the world go round. They shape the world, make decisions that affect the world, and impose values that change the world…. for better or for worse.

In a previous King’s Law entry I discussed how we allow others to impose illusions of opportunity upon us within our careers, just to make our jobs harder (or seemingly so). We continue to deal with it in order to afford ourselves the thing’s that our hearts desire.

Sadly, we know that most of us will never have everything that we want. We’ll end up prioritizing what is most important, and making deals to “get the most, not the lesser” (Pimp C).

At the end of the last blog I stated that we should define what makes us happy and live for it… conversely because you can’t always get what you want…

KING’S LAW: Be ready to name your price… Read the rest of this entry »

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Thanks for the memories, Rick. Now GTFO.

Rick Barnes has had the position of University of Texas Basketball coach for 13 years now and as a result of his presence here, we have become one of the premiere basketball schools in the country. With that title comes a large amount of responsibility and expectations. Rick Barnes has continually shown that he just can’t take us to the next step. Our loss to Arizona has absolutely proven this to me. Let’s face it, we all hate Rick Barnes to some varying degree. He has all done us wrong over the years in one way or the other. Whether it be from game preparation or his in game coaching tactics (Not fouling OkSt up 3 as time expires that lead directly to a game tying 3 and needless 2 OT thriller in Stillwater that we lost, screams to mind).

Rick Barnes probably telling Jordan to stop shooting unnecessary shots (most of the shots he takes)

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I’m here to tell you if you didn’t come to SXSW…you lost. Sorry but it’s the truth, on to the award. This is totally subjective and only reflect the experience I had during this years SXSW

Best Live Performance: Curren$y Runner-Up: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

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