07 Mar

I hesitated to post this because I was not sure I even wanted to publicize this any more than it already was. However, I think we need to be aware of the growing racism that exists and I don’t mean the metamorphosis that the article suggests. In a very poorly substantiated article, CNN writer John Blake asks if white people are racially oppressed. This is clearly oxymoronic as power and oppression are antonyms. However, the lengthy article actually attempts to utilize data to posit that white people are becoming racially oppressed. It’s comical that some white people equate losing “their” stuff as oppression. Inherent in that position is that white people legitimately believe that certain things, such as jobs and wealth, are theirs to retain. I will let the article speak for itself: See it here and Discuss.


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2 responses to “This…Foolery

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  2. Dave

    March 24, 2011 at 7:57 AM

    The problem is that some politicians position advancement as a zero-sum game where whatever gains a minority group makes must be at the expense of the majority. It’s important to focus on making the world better, which means breaking down barriers to let everyone fulfill their true human potential and for my money, I’d want to focus on the biggest barriers, which are things like the lack of access to good nutrition and education for our poorest citizens and eliminating discrimination. Whatever we do to help another will ultimately help us all.


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