Welcome To My World David Frum

07 Mar

This morning I watched David Frum, reasonable conservative, on MSNBC, they had Frum paired up with a conservative commentator without a unique thought in her head. David Frum, helplessly  tried to lay out a reasonable and measured road map for conservatism with a place and purpose for adult ideas and tactic marked by moderation, compromise, and an eye towards actual governance and… it was essentially dismissed.

Frum’s “peer” rejected almost every idea on the grounds that acts of moderation do no reflect the Republican base. As an example Frum argued that Same sex marriage and Women’s Reproductive Rights shouldn’t be the litmus test for Republican leadership, the counterpoint was pretty much “sheeeeit”. As I watched as David Frum sitting uncomfortably at his seat I recognized a look on his face that was all too familiar. David Frum made the “embarrassed by ignorance” face that we all know and love. Throughout the years as educated and at least slightly bourgeoisie black folk have made their way through the world they have been confronted with having to explain black culture and people to their white friends which, like most of human nature, is sometimes inexplicable. Now trust this hasn’t been the exclusive province of black folk but it is one that we have much practice in. As David Frum sat there with the intellectual equivalent to the “who farted?” face I could tell he knows exactly how it feels.

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