Hope SPRINGs Eternal Pt. 1

06 Apr

Hello everyone, I attended the Texas Longhorn Spring Game this past Sunday and wanted to just give a few notes about the day (even though the season is still five months away!). To make this easier, I’ll break it down by side of the ball.

And yes, I know it’s only the Spring game and you can gauge all of this with a grain of salt, but just stay with me here.

Everyone has their opinion of who should be under center this year.

Offense: This is clearly what pays the mortgage and puts the fans in the seats, so it’s going to go first.

QBs: So I’ll let my bias be known totally up front: I am one of the biggest supporters of Colt McCoy. If there is a hierarchy of Texas players that I want to see do well in NFL/life, Colt is #1. With that said, I always find myself smiling watching his younger brother, Case, throw the ball because he looks and throws and runs exactly like Colt.

Let it be known that as of yesterday, no one is leading the QB hunt just from yesterday’s reps. Starting with Garrett, the guy can make all the throws, but as soon as those lights come on, he becomes one of the worst players in America. Don’t know why, but he just can’t do it. The play that stands out in his reps was the interception. First off, he had a terrible read. Mike Davis was streaking down the field, wide open, and he passed it up to check down and completely missed the check down which gave way to the pick. This reinforces the beliefs that he will not be able to lead us at all.

Case was definitely performed the best of the punch but even he was shaky with some of his deep throws. Realist23 doesn’t like his footwork and his QB makeup, I personally just see Colt in him so I simply relate that Colt did some of the same things. Those things can be refined to make him a better QB. His deep throw to freshmen WR Darius White that was underthrown but thrown to a position where White could get to it better than the Corner Back.

Conner Wood likes to throw the ball in the ground, a lot. His players bailed him out a view times by still catching it, but something like that really worries me.

David Ash has a cannon for an arm and is quickly getting some fan support as the Anti-Garrett Gilbert. Didn’t get a lot of throws in the game so not many notes here.

Running Backs

Fozzy and Cody both have decided to be more aggressive in their running styles. It’s with Cody that this is especially important because he has realized that he’s too big to dance around and just needs to run straight ahead. Jeremy Hills also had a pretty good day of attacking as well. We shall see how the carousel is affected when Malcolm Brown gets here.

Wide Receivers

There are some really interesting guys on this roster. From Mike Davis, to Darius White, to Jaxson Shipley, there is a lot of unproven talent there. It’ll be one of the positions most looked after on this team. Let’s see how they turn out.


Defensive Backs

Quandre Diggs, ladies and gentlemen. If this guy plays at all like he did Sunday, we might finally have a ball hawk (a defensive player that hunts down the ball in the air instead of just looking to knock it away from the receiver) at corner again. Besides Blake Gideon, the incumbent at Strong Safety, none of the other positions are written in with pen yet.

Defensive Line

If our offensive line is great for defining this (which it isn’t) than Alex Okafor should have 80 sacks this year. But really, the DLine could use some fortifying. We already have Randall and Jeffcoat, we need 2 players to fill up the other spots.


Keenan Robinson is making the switch from Outside LB to Middle. It’s a pretty big deal because A. We don’t have anyone who was actually built to come in an start on the team right now. B. The middle carries with it a lot more responsibility than the OLB. He looks like he’s gotten used to it, but only real game time situations will prove the move as a great one. I’m also looking to see what Hicks will be in his 2nd year here.

Special Teams

Mack has three choices here: Darius White, Quandre Diggs, and DJ Monroe. All have the ability to be elusive and slip through the holes to be very productive for us. It also looks like all three can actually hold on to the ball without muffing it so already, they’re an upgrade over what we were dealing with last year.

**Can’t stress this enough, I know it’s just a spring game but it was nice to move on from last year’s debacle.**

Ok, that wraps up Part 1. Part 2 will discuss the new coaching staff as well as my wants for this team this year and moving forward.

The Big Socrates


Posted by on April 6, 2011 in Sports


2 responses to “Hope SPRINGs Eternal Pt. 1

  1. MichaelYoungHistory

    April 6, 2011 at 1:18 PM

    1) Yeah, lil McCoy looked good out there. Not great. But good. And at this point, some fresh blood is all I could ask for. Gilbert has given up on himself, so I don’t feel bad giving up on him. He just lacks confidence… He threw the most INTs in the nation last year. Sure, guys were on pace to throw more, but they got benched…I really think Gilbert NEEDED a good benching, but it never came…

    2) I think Cody is gonna have a good year, especially near the goal line. Fozzy will be good. But I think Malcolm Brown comes in in June and takes the starting spot…

    3) Quandre Diggs is going to be GREAT…He looked like a man out there….

    4) Mike Davis is gonna EAT this year. So is DJ.

    5) Our safeties are best in the country…3 big time guys. Gideon is gonna be a beast this year.

    Good stuff bro.

  2. The Big Socrates

    April 6, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    Well to be fair, we had the best Cornerback depth/corps in the preseason last year. I need to see it on the field before crowning them this time around.


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