Vitriol of the Vaunted and Vicariously Victorious

13 Jun

The 2011 NBA Champion - Dallas Mavericks

I want to start this article by saying congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks. I was one critic who stated that the franchise would NEVER achieve a ring with Dirk as their leader. Not only did he prove me and other critics wrong, but the Mavericks have shed their “soft” persona while playing amazingly tough lock-down defense on three of the leagues most prolific scorers (Kobe, Durant, LBJ) throughout the playoffs. The path of this franchise and their season dictates that they truly deserved a shot at proving they were the best team in the league, and they did just that.

What is sad is that most “fans of the game” will not see this; only the fans of Dallas can appreciate how well Dallas played as opposed to how far “King James” fell short of his predicted outcome… even though LBJ has never scored more than 24 points on the Mavericks in ANY contest.

“Not one… Not two… Not three…” and The Decision

Many find that they “hate” LBJ for creating the hype for this season by making a very (uber) dramatic entry to the season and onto his new roster… eventually guaranteeing rings based on his new bromance with Wade and Bosh. Many were disgusted by this display, the bravado, the panache, the reaching for the glory… stating that they would never accept somebody being that arrogant, or display that type of arrogance… When the truth is, you’ll just probably never have the chance.

Who remembers this Decision?

While you could be annoyed by it, I didn’t see how it’s any different from Brett Favre publicly waffling on his decision(S) to stay in the NFL, or Eli Manning bitching after the Chargers drafted him so he could end up with the Giants, or even Kobe guaranteeing he could produce four straight wins in the Western Conference Semifinals after being down three games.

It’s the delivery that everybody is upset with… when you buy music from people whose goal is to shun that type of humility (Kanye, Jay-Z, Wayne…), you watch movies with characters that are portrayed larger than life, and you tweet about yourself and what you do as if it affects more than 3% of your non-spam-account followers.

The fact of the matter is that LBJ is in an entertainment industry; he is creating a character that makes money… it’s just sad he has to breed hate while he promotes it. It’s part of his “Prestige” if you will. Can you blame the man for being him, when at the end of a season where he took a pay cut to pursue a championship, he had the best selling jersey, his Decision raised millions for charity, and he banked an additional $34 Million in endorsement deals.

No… the man has a job, and regardless of what YOU expect of him, he does it well. You love to hate him, just as much as he loves himself. I’m pretty sure he had that in mind.

THE KING’S LAW: LeBron James is the most polarizing public figure in America since Dubya.

The Moniker of “King”

The self-attributed name that LeBron has taken has assisted in his Nike merchandise sales, his individual marketing, and the marketing for both franchises he has been a part of. With that said, the “absolute” nature of the pseudonym, which imposes an assumption of dominance, has been what bites LBJ in the ass most often. Lebron is now 2-8 in the NBA Finals… no ring… no domination. What’s funny is that with all of the people wishing for this outcome, their responses seem so angry when it actually happens. What would the reaction had been if LeBron actually won?

It doesn’t help that he indeed does feed into the perceptions that people currently have… I am a surefire LeBron James fan, but I’m not an apologist. Where others see he is “wrong”… I can’t agree or disagree, my moral compass doesn’t point North. All I can ask is this: How much is your favorite player doing to make sure the attention the NBA needs to prevent a lockout is there?

The NBA is broke. Their lockout won’t be like the NFL’s… where there are paychecks to be signed but people are stingy. In this lockout, the owners don’t have the guap they need to sustain the league as is.Miamiprepared for it correctly, by picking up their players in free agency and signing them at salaries that would allow them to brace for changes in the new CBA. This shit is chess, it aint checkers. Many people forget that the ring is important, but it takes a sharp second to getting paid.

You can ask Mo Williams if his “HEALED” heart is still healthy on those missing Clippers paychecks next season.

“I’m Rich… Suck My Dick Juice…” (Paraphrased)

In response to his haters, LeBron simply said that he’s going to life his “happy” life and that his haters will have to go back to theirs… whether or not you enjoy your life is on you.

If you’re offended by that statement, then go sit in the corner with Dan Gilbert and the rest of Cleveland… who built the city’s economy on the back of a 19 year old and continued to do so for 7 years, and then wished (actual) evil on his life after he decided he didn’t want to resign… he’s found a reason to be happy after owning the worst team in the league this last season and gaining two first round draft picks in a relatively weak draft class… Good luck Dan.

This is a grown man who is free to do what he wants, whether or not you approve of it… and we act like his comments are more stinging than the bullshit we say behind others’ backs on a day-to-day… you’re mad because he said it in public? Maybe we shouldn’t seek honesty from those we despise.

At the end of the day… he lost. He admitted he didn’t have it. And even LeBron congratulated the Mavericks on what they did… What I will say is, as a fan… I do expect more from LeBron… not in his commentary, not in his delivery, not in his life…. But simply on the court.

I don’t know this man… and he doesn’t know me or the 20 Million + people slandering him on twitter when it was more of a team failure than just his (that’s a different discussion). But this type of conclusion is hard to accept… actually unacceptable… when you realize the talent that LeBron has…. Heavy is the crown

The part that gets me is that it’s not the people high off of the victory of the team they cheered through many failures… it’s not the people who expect much from him and were let down… it’s the folk who wished for him to fail, got what they wanted, and still can’t find a way to get the hate out of their blood.

Twitter really has given the world a set of balls that they never had before…What used to be only journalists and people with access to published media talking shit… now it’s the whole world getting Retweeted… Not when Jordan retired (3 times)… Not when Kobe couldn’t get it done without Shaq… Not even when the Mavericks lost 4 straight to Miami 5 years ago. Because of that, I only think it’s fair to say none of us know what is going through that man’s head. He will need to change his perspective and attitude to become the leader that he currently is NOT for his team…

With that said… I officially need to re-examine my stance on others, i.e. Kobe. I don’t like him off the court which adds to my opinion… but you will never hear me make a comment disparaging the man’s skills in his chosen profession. I can’t judge him for what I can’t do better… and for what I’ve NEVER done (compete on a stage that large with expectations that hard to obtain).

Kobe... hated by many... is undeniably one of the greatest in the game.

But all in all… LBJ’s comments are very appropriate… because for all the happiness some will show in his failure, he doesn’t get to tweet you when you get fired or don’t get a raise… or get to criticize you when you switch employers for a better work-life balance… or when you over-zealously announce something that you’re happy about that nobody else wants to see. There are still folks out there who must live vicariously through another’s failure in order to be anything worth reading or paying attention to… (who hurt you?)

Sadly.. at the end of the day.. you can call me a LBJ stan, or somebody who just doesn’t get it…. But YOU need LeBron James…. Just check your timeline.

I’m just happy he didn’t decide to go to Chicago and suffer the same fate there… that would hurt my heart as a Bulls fan.

THE KING’S LAW: The FACT that the Dallas Mavericks EARNED this championship, is the most overshadowed detail of the past 24 hours.

-The King’s Law


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11 responses to “Vitriol of the Vaunted and Vicariously Victorious

  1. facecurtainista

    June 13, 2011 at 10:28 AM

    We need less Lebron hate, more Mavs love.

    Summed perfectly here:

    “The FACT that the Dallas Mavericks EARNED this championship, is the most overshadowed detail of the past 24 hours.”

    Before this series, I didn’t hate the Heat. I didn’t hate Lebron or Wade. I made fun of Chris Bosh. Constantly. Mainly because he’s awkward and resembles an ostrich or a missing member of that Avatar clan. Having had a front row seat to “The Decision”, I thought it was kinda over the top, but came off mainly as a very public break up, where nobody looks good at the end even though it’s no one’s “fault”.

    Since this series has started, the media frenzy has thrust a camera in Lebron’s face every second possible and forced us to watch his bromance with Wade, golf cart rides out of the arena, fabricated pregame speeches and feigned illness mocking the tall German that dropped buckets on him the previous game.

    The comparison to Favre is fitting, as both are media whores, who have been shoved down our throats for years, monsters created by the sports journalists that cover them. We don’t hate Favre, we hate the retirements/returns. We don’t hate Lebron’s decision, we just hate that it took an hour-long special. I think.

    The fact that James has bought into his own hype and decided to engage in this game with the media is unfortunate. I respect his physical talent, but don’t put him in my “Kobe is an asshole, but I love his game” box. Kobe knows the game that the media plays, and refuses to be part of the circus (besides that whole kissing my wife and kids at halftime bit). Lebron is as weak mentally as his hairline. Point blank.

    I hope he gets it together. I really do, because the game needs him to win. And how else will he get Skip Bayless off his case?

    • The King's Law

      June 13, 2011 at 10:32 AM

      I agree with your sentiments as they are phrased. LBJ has many shortcomings… but knowing my personality, given the opportunity to celebrate my own successes, I can’t guarantee humility.

      The league needs LBJ to win, and in order to justify his own bravado, LBJ needs to win.

      Damn the “he’s just Scottie” talk… Scottie is in the HOF…

      Damn the “he’ll never be MJ” talk… I only want him to be LeBron.

      But at the end of the day, he even admitted it, he is labeled as a failure… not a success. We’ll see what he does to fix that in the future.

  2. MichaelYoungHistory

    June 13, 2011 at 10:37 AM

    Great points about Mavs. But i don’t think they care about media coverage, and their fans shouldn’t either

    That Farve argument made sense, but it doesn’t work for u. People hate favre as much as they hate Lebron. Maybe they BOTH deserve it.

    Nah, dumbest thing u’ve ever done is cosign lebron’s salty ass statement about us hating our own lives. He’s in ENTERTAINMENT. u said it urself. If we want to hate on him, he gets paid WELL to take it. Don’t take shots at us. And for there record, I love my life. Only a douche would think our hate is fueled by self-hate and not because of anything he did. He’s the worst mixture of an insecure guy who overcompensates for his failures. He is mentally a child. This nigga needs to grow up.

    I need Lebron? The league NEEDS Lebron? Oh, so the lockout won’t happen if he doesn’t want it? The league wasn’t doing fine pre-LBJ? the league doesn’t have other stars and story lines? FOH. sure, he’s an asset, but NEED Is different from “benefits greatly from having him.” he could retire today and we’d be fine…

    • MichaelYoungHistory

      June 13, 2011 at 10:40 AM

      not to mention how stupid it is from a business standpoint to alienate everyone (including his FANS, whose lives also suck). Don’t you think this will make SOME people less likely to buy his merchandise? Not only was it salty and lame, it was actually a dumb business move.

      You cant say he’s a grown man and say what he wants and then chastise us for hating. He can say whatever he wants, the argument is that it was dumb adn childish. That doenst change just b/c he has the right to say it. Nobody ever said he couldnt.

      • The King's Law

        June 13, 2011 at 10:42 AM

        Like I said… I didn’t see the harm in his comment. You choose to be offended by that.

    • The King's Law

      June 13, 2011 at 10:42 AM

      Your twitter timeline doesnt’ suggest you’re fine excluding him from your life. You focus on his shortcomings moreso than the opposition’s achievements.

      And I can agree, he may need to grow up… but I see nothing wrong with his stance. He didn’t call anybody a faggot or try to fight any fans. He didn’t even explicitly say anybody else’s life sucks… simply thaty they would have to return to their lives and leave him out of it.

      There’s a threshold where an individual critic goes from being “correct” to “obsessed”. That’s my main point. The reason why you see so much failure is because you are waiting on it. And whatever indictments you can make of him as an individual won’t overcompensate for the fact that you’re not him, won’t be him, and won’t be able to do what he does or make the choices that he makes.

      You may not feel you need LeBron… but don’t lie to yourself. The league absolutely needs this guy.

      • MYH

        June 13, 2011 at 11:34 AM

        So everything I tweet about is essential to my life? That’s idiotic reasoning. I tweet about it because I can and because it’s interesting. Doesn’t mean I need it…I was a ball fan before LBJ and will be one after he’s gone…

        Also, u didn’t talk about this, but it’s not just FANS who hate LBJ, it’s players too…Numerous people who wanted to go to MIA were turned off when he sent a mass text that said “come and win some rings with us” and signed it “king James.” look it up. That’s that bullshit

        • MYH

          June 13, 2011 at 11:37 AM

          I mean, players hated MJ, but they couldn’t say shit lol. I hated MJ and I hate Lebron bc of the type of people they are.

          That being said, I can hate them and respect their talents. As I do. But, LBJ isn’t a winner (yet) so he cant get away with shit other people can (Farve, Kobe, LBJ) he has to understand that

          • The King's Law

            June 13, 2011 at 12:39 PM

            I can agree with this last statement whole heartedly… I guess my point would be to “hate” the man for that reason then. It just seems that his being/talent gets disrespected in the crossfire.

            Call him a bitch.. a punk… a fake superstar… a kid who doesn’t know how to lead or close a game…

            But saying much more trickles into disrespect for other greats like Barkley, Drexler (who was traded onto a Championship team headed for its second ring), Ewing, Miller, Stockton, Malone… you know this argument.

            He’s got alot of basketball left to play… and some growing up to do. But by no means is the man “aint shit”… He does things for and in the league that no other player can do. He’s just not a Champion (yet).

  3. Flip Ripper

    June 13, 2011 at 12:50 PM

    That sums LBJ up quiet perfect.

    • The King's Law

      June 13, 2011 at 1:21 PM

      Wow…. Old commercial… but so poignant right now…


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