What to Do About the 1,200 Angry Super Bowl Fans?

22 Jun

I was just getting back from the grocery store today when Colin Cowherd updated me a bit on this side story from this year’s Super Bowl in Dallas. If you didn’t hear or forgot, Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, wanted to add more seats to Jerry World, his mecca of a stadium, to boost attendance numbers. As the date of the game got closer and closer, it was realized that these particular seats weren’t going to be ready in time for the game. That it would be a safety hazard for the fans and as a result, the fans would be let in and shown the game from a television as oppose to watching it in the stadium. This caused an uproar amongst these fans, which is well deserved, who wanted something back for this botched handling. The first deal the NFL offered was $2500 bucks per fan or family for the expenses. This was a really low offer because some families spent 3 times as much as that to take care of tickets, living expenses, food, and traveling. Then the NFL threw in free SB tickets to next year’s SB. Still wasn’t enough. So then the final offer from the NFL was for $5,000, tickets to any future SB, AND all expenses paid. Now at this point I must say that I’d probably break at this offer. The fans are definitely breaching greed levels now and have also rejected that offer. Looking at this issue, I definitely can understand the side of both teams. First, the NFL’s point of view. The NFL is priding their argument on equal compensation and rationality. That’s where the NFL’s first mistake was. Thinking people will be rational about any circumstance is very irrational by default. A large majority of people in this country/world are irrational and logic makes no sense to them. I don’t know what the NFL will have to do to avoid court with these people, but there’s not much else they can offer. Now the fans. Are the fans extremely greedy for pulling this stunt? HELL YES. But just think about it… The NFL championship is the most difficult championship to rig in your favor. In the NBA and the MLB, you have much more wiggle room with a cap or no cap to sign those players to give you the best chance to win a title. Just look at the Green Bay Packers. Riddled with injuries to 7 or 8 really key players, if it weren’t for this epic moment in the Giants v Eagles game,

THE SUPER BOWL WINNING GREEN BAY PACKERS WOULDN’T EVEN BE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!! So there’s a lot that goes into winning a Super Bowl. Yes, in regards to the Packers and the Steelers, both teams are poised to make it to the Super Bowl at least more than once in the next decade. But think if it were your team that this happened to. I’ll but on my Texans hat instead of my Niners hat for the sake of this argument since the 49ers have been there and won 5 times. If the Texans got to play in that Super Bowl IN DALLAS, I would’ve absolutely flipped shit if they won and I wasn’t able to celebrate with the crowd and the players inside. There just aren’t any guarantees in anything and especially in the NFL. So ThReaders I ask, what would you do to repair this situation?

-The Big Socrates


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2 responses to “What to Do About the 1,200 Angry Super Bowl Fans?

  1. facecurtainista

    June 23, 2011 at 2:10 PM

    This situation is irreparable for the reasons you mentioned. Families come from all over the world for this once in a lifetime event. So, as a disgruntled Pack fan, I’m supposed to keep passing these tickets down the family line until Green Bay goes to another ‘ship? So my great-great grandkids can see their team play?

    Adding insult to injury, the lines were so long and the poor communication so rampant that a lot of people that eventually got tickets to different seats missed the first quarter. And a great Super Bowl experience as well.

    No adequate solution here–the 5Gs and future tickets will have to do. All expenses paid is way too much. If you hate a movie you’re watching at a theater, they’ll refund the ticket, but they don’t give you gas money to cover the expense to get there and back.

  2. fnasty

    June 25, 2011 at 11:12 AM

    That “final offer” from the NFL was pretty sweet. The only other thing I could imagine is giving those fans season tickets to their team’s games for life. But then again that would be extreme avariciousness on the fans part. I don’t think all expenses paid is too much though. After all, the lodging and meals they paid for to enjoy themselves in Dallas was probably not cheap.

    If I’m the fans, I realize how stingy the NFL is to its players. I look at the stock market and potential debt ceiling increase. Then I look at unemployment and job availability. I take a glance at 5Gs plus an amazing vacation option with no statue of limitations. And the decision was probably made after I thought about how stingy the NFL was to its own employees.

    This is definitely not a customer is always right moment. Get your rain-check and come back next time.


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