24 Jun

Notice the banners above the headline

“This is surreal to me. Today is the best day in my life since the Rangers went to the World Series” – Facecurtainista

“I’m emotionally drained… its been hell being a Dallas sports fan.” – Realist23

“I can only think of when we were the league pin cushions… No more use of the Cowboys as leverage for our hoop failures. We won with a 38 year old pg.” – Fnasty

“I’ll probably get alot of things done not watching Sportscenter for a week.” – Justinfication (CHO aka Chief Hating Officer)

“I’m gonna puke” – MichaelYoungHistory (Hater, JD)

“Now every Texas team has brought home the championship.” – AThousandGrams

Truth is: It is hard being a Dallas sports fan. It has been even harder being a Dallas Mavericks fan because for so long we looked like one of those great teams that would never get to win it all. NBA history is full of those teams. Teams that were fun to watch, had stable superstars in mediocre markets, boasted players and coaches with various accolades, but won zero championships.

Teams like the mid 1980s Cleveland Cavaliers, early 90s Golden State Warriors, early 2000s Sacramento Kings and up until Sunday, June 12, 2011, the 2000-2010 Dallas Mavericks.

That was 10 years of suffering to watch great and exciting basketball all season only to face early defeat upon defeat each playoff year. Through all of this, no group of people had more pleasure in our agony than Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs fans. Both cities have nothing else going for their city in sports other than professional basketball. I can hear some Houstonians chime *We have WNBA and MLS Championships,* to which my response is….


Starting in 1994, and especially since 1999, Maverick fans have had to rely on the Dallas Cowboys rich legacy to combat unyielding taunts of our basketball shortcomings from Houstonians and New Mexicans, I mean San Antonio faithfuls. They got really good at telling us to stay on the topic of basketball, as to not focus on the sports prowess of the DFW metroplex. San Antonio tried to steal the New Orleans Saints after Hurricane Katrina! EPIC FAIL. The Oilers left Houston and made it to the Super Bowl within 5years (which is still funny to me btw); and I won’t take shots at the Houston Texans. They do enough of that to themselves every 4th quarter.

The big picture is this. Texas is the only state in America to have a NBA basketball champion in all of their competing cities. The bigger picture is that each of these teams were led by non-US born players.* In a state as conservative as Texas where border patrol is always a top issue in political banter, who would have ever imagined that a guy named Hakeem[Olajuwon], Tim [Duncan], and Dirk [Nowitzki] would bring so much joy to our hearts here in Texas.

The Dream

Big Fundamental, Best Power Forward of all time

Mon Führer aka Ghost Face Drillah!

For as long as Hakeem “The Dream” played for the Houston Rockets, I was a fan. I have never knocked on the Spurs because of the respect I have had for Duncan’s game since Wake Forest. But it has been so easy for non-Dallasites to knock on Dirk. All through the playoffs, I had a friend change his social media avatar to a pink colored Mavericks logo. Was he from Miami? No. Is his favorite player Lebron, Wade, or Bosh? No. Does he live in Ohio? Yes. Does he like Ohio? Hell no. Is he from Texas? Yes. Is he from Houston or San Antonio? Yes. Thing is, this friend was not the only one to go out of his way to hate on the Dallas Mavericks. Another friend’s only text during the finals was a “good game” jab after Dirk missed the buzzer beater for overtime in Game 3. Thing is I understand if this hateration occurs when our teams actually play each other. That is not only fair, but it is expected. Spurs and Rockets fans had absolutely zero invested in the last NBA finals. Only thing they would lose was the crutch of saying “see us when you win an NBA championship.”

*Puts on a fresh pair of stunna shades*

The ultimate American dream just happened right here in Texas. 3 TIMES OVER! And it was overshadowed by so much unnecessary hate. Hate from fellow Texans who enjoyed the same pleasure for their team years earlier. Hate from Cleveland and/or Ohio residents who gave us unwanted and default support. Lack of appreciation from the media who focused entirely too much on the big b*tch 3. Dirk’s evolution was televised, but more attention was given to Lebron who played like The Game looked on Change of Heart

Just Sad.

Keep your Dirk sandwiches and honorary Ohioan memorandums Cleveland. Keep your salty comments to yourself Houstonians and San Antonio faithfuls. Dallas, Texas = Titletown, Texas. The inevitable has happened and you can now go to your next crutch of saying “see me when you have multiple NBA championships.” To which we will raise you with a “Kiss the rings b*tch!” Pick any of our 5 Super Bowl rings, 1 Stanley Cup ring, or 1 NBA ring to pucker up to. Dallas, TX is one World Series away from being a part of the most prestigious cities (New York, Boston, Chicago) in America’s four biggest sports.

See you in the rafters!

*Tim Duncan is considered international even though he is a US citizen. He was born in US Virgin Islands, a US territory, and much like JJ Barea [Puerto Rico] they are natives first to their territories.


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4 responses to “TITLETOWN, TEXAS

  1. The King's Law

    June 24, 2011 at 10:06 AM


    1) Dirk was hated on, but it’s no different than any hate that Charles Barkley or Karl Malone had received. It’s warranted. When you’re that good with no ring, you will be haunted until you get one (see LeBron)… but congrats to that guy (#GermanPride)

    2) Seeing as though this article is about “Title Town”… or whatever… it’s appropriate to bring up the Cowboys… But it’s still annoying to hear the rings be the defense of why the Cowboys team is good NOW (which it isn’t). Even if Romo didn’t get hurt, a sixth ring wasn’t coming last year. The Cowboys (and all of their displaced/non-Dallasite fans) should thank the Mavericks for doing what they haven’t been able to do for the past few seasons (even though they were projected to make the SB)… and wont be able to do in the next few seasons… I refuse to drink the Cowboys kool-aid… But you can tell I’m ready for Football.

    3) You forgot the title for most assisinations of Nationally Adored Presidents (1 – JFK)… Let’s not forget, you’re still from Ratchetville, USA… There is more than one reason why people hate on Dallas… in fact, most folks don’t even dislike the Dallas Teams… they dislike the Dallas fans… we don’t want Dirk to suffer, we want the next stars of the first 48 to practice their #HushMode… since they can’t ever do it on the show…

    4) SA didn’t attempt to “steal” anybody’s team. If the owner moved them to SA, it would’ve been just that… a move. Red McCombs wanted to move the Vikings to SA back in the Randy Moss era. But in truth SA isn’t trusted to be able to support the market.

    5) SA is still #winning IMO… granted we only have one sport, but that one franchise is successful, having 4 rings in a league that has only allowed 8 out of 30 franchises to win the championship in the last 28 seasons (compared to 15 championship franchises in the NFL in the same time frame). Additionally, while the Cowboys are Dallas’ team… any Dallas homer will still refer to them as America’s team, which would include fans from SA (Not so much Houston, they had the Oilers). So in a sense, everybody’s eating… so it’s fine, everything’s fine.

    6) Bosh is from Dallas…. #boom

    7) Talk to me when the Mavs have multiple Championships…

  2. fnasty

    June 24, 2011 at 10:47 AM


    1) Comment sustained!

    2) I will personally text/call/or email you everyday for each year between 1995 and our next Superbowl.That is 16days of harassment and counting. Don’t worry, I too am ready for Football and will relay your message to America’s Team. Ps~ I didn’t expect you to drink the Cowboys kool-aid, you are more of a Spurs margarita guy. No?!

    3) Way more important Texan lives were lost at the Alamo. RIP Davy Crockett. #BOOM

    4) See the above gif image in the post

    5) I commend SA on those 4 rings, I actually rooted for them to win in all 4 appearances (Yes, I have that much respect for Duncan’s game). The Cowboys are Americans team. No other way to explain how we still got major Sportscenter love when Quincy Carter and Aaron Wright headlined our Quarterback controversy #HolyTrinityofSports

    6) Bosh was a champion when he lived in Dallas…. but honestly… #GoodOne lol

    7) Talk to me when nino Mexico gets a soccer team… how does a city with over 60% hispanic and latinos not have professional soccer?! #EPIC FAIL

  3. The King's Law

    June 24, 2011 at 1:19 PM


    on your 2) Don’t call my phone with that Bullshit… It would be at least 20 days of harrassment before it’s all said and done. And I don’t know about Spurs Margaritas… but I’m always down for Tequila Cocktails.

    on your 3) Dallas/Houston/The state of TX wouldn’t be what it is without the outcome of the Alamo; that loss fueled the military effort to take down Santa Anna in his sleep. Tecnichally, they weren’t Texas “citizens” yet because they were still immigrants in Northern Mexico. Davy Crockett was a frontiersman from TN… and while he died at the Alamo, it wasn’t the City of San Antonio yet. JFK’s death was so huge it made it into a 30 for 30 about how Dallas needed the Cowboys to right their wrong reputation…. I think ya’ll need to save a President’s life and birth a President before you can make it right… ya’ll would also need to flatten all grassy knoll areas for future protection, and not hate on Erykah Badu when she wants to show that booty in public.

    on your 4) yes really nigga… Don’t blame my city because we are an attractive city that likes to support football. Cowboys management sees that which is why training camp is at the Alamodome every summer…Saints management saw that and considered the option… the only thing SA ever stole was our first ring during the Lockout season…

    on your 7) I really have no answer for that. It’s just not an easily marketable sport in the US… noted by your rejection of Houston’s MLS title as noteworthy. I’m not really a soccer fan, so you’d have to ask a gualla or a lion-catcher why the don’t support the expansion of the MLS in TX… Not that it would matter if we got a ring in that sport according to your insight tho.

    *) I’ll concede the hate for Dallas sports is strong… but the fans bring it on themselves worse than LeBron did this last season. Ya’ll treat every draft pick like it’s “The Decision”… crowning players before they can prove anything. Additionally, Dallas loves the attention, and since they aint winning rings, it’s not going to be positive attention. For once in 16 years ya’ll can be happy and surprisingly, I haven’t experienced the type of annoying bravado of fanhood I expected… I feel Dallas sports get a bad rep because of how people perceive the Cowboys (and their fans) alone. With that said, I’ll say congrats to the Mavs once again… but fuck the Cowboys.


  4. fnasty

    June 24, 2011 at 9:09 PM

    2) The longer the better (that’s what she said)

    3) I took Texas history in 4th and 8th grade too negro. And history states Dallas > San Antonio. 6 Flags Over Texas > Fiesta Texas, Rudy’s Chicken > Every SA Taqueria, and Dirk > all the Alien Gonzalez’ in your city. Dallas is home to both Fmr President Bush’s personal physician. We secretly keep them alive and healthy to keep the Democrats looking awesome. Game. Blouses. …no comment on Badu’s video. Both teams played hard.

    4) Yall aint that attractive. Just lower cost of living. Jerry is a businessman, less overhead. And Saints didn’t have much to spend after Katrina. #BOOM …If yall lost to the Knicks that year, yall stay in the chamber until 2006 when Dallas joins yall.

    7) An MLS team would not really matter. Point is, SA is one of the biggest cities in America and they only have 1 professional team representing them in 4 of America’s biggest sports. MLS being the minimum thing they can start up to complement the Spurs and probably not immediately suck at. Maybe baseball too.

    *) We got class in Dallas. 1 arrest in a parade with 250K people. That’s unheard off. San Antonio couldn’t stop a nose bleed in the NFL. Yall act like we not the top selling franchise in the league. Guess I’ll see you in fantasy football…*Bart Scott Swag*


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