MILK & HONEY never tasted so good!

25 Jun

Think of I Want to Work with Diddy mixed with Baldwin Hills with an updated A Different World on the side. We all, whether we’re ready to admit it or not, watch these shows for various different reasons, but they all have one thing in common. They show young black people progressing. Now imagine the good that all of these shows have all rolled up in one. I don’t know about y’all, but that’s my dream show, and if we work hard, it just might come true in the near future!!! 

Milk and Honey, a story focusing on black women in the entertainment business is executive produced by the Godlike creature himself, Idris Elba, starring Debbie Allen, the lady that had us all wanting to go to college with her directing and producing of A Different World and a host of other shows (All of Us, Grey’s Anatomy, The Game, Girlfriends, That’s So Raven, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, etc.) Just naming two pulled out of the best of the Who’s Who in black Hollywood has already gotten my attention and viewership. There’s just one problem. This Utopian scripted series hasn’t been picked up. It needs 1 million views to be pitched, and I think this is a refresher from the garbage that we’ve been fed in regards to the recent Black Television.

From the trailer, I can tell that it’s shot well, and that’s hard to say about single-camera film. The acting is commendable and not overdone like most of the shows out now. It’s introducing an array of new actors with great acting chops. Just from the trailer, I was sucked in and carried away (and that’s hard to do). I’m excited!

Don’t be mistaken by the presumption that this will be the black version of Fame, even though it features Debbie Allen. The storyline seems diverse but not clouded by adding the business and social aspects of Blacks women in show business. I yawn at love, but I understand it carries any series (i.e Dwayne and Whitley). But just from one glance, there’s something new, something refreshing and clean about this series. I know personally I’ve been begging for something well written by blacks that I can support since The Game’s airing on the CW. So I beg of you to support a project with such great potential because supporting this project means finally getting a chance to support what needs to be the status quo in black television and what will hopefully be the NEW trend in quality programming!



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