Through the Good and the Bad, Sonic is Still Standing

07 Jul

Sonic the Hedgehog is on the Mount Rushmore of video game characters. This isn’t up for debate. Simple facts. The problem is that his career can also be likened to that of a Daryl Strawberry. Amazing player but off the field baggage(IE some of the gaming career moves) has given his career a black eye with a few teeth missing. Now this post is coming from the fact that I just realized there will be a new Sonic game, Sonic Generations, put out in November this year. It seems like an interesting game and I’ll definitely be picking it up. This is due in large part to the fact that I have nothing really to look forward to for the rest of this gaming year. Most of the titles I want are coming out next year. This is Sonic’s 20th birthday this year. It’s been 20 long, turbulent years for this blue, speedy hedgehog. The years have also not been so kind for him as Sega has tried to reinvent him several thousand times and some have worked…. Like Sonic Adventure

Sonic ran fast enough to run on top of a killer whale.... What's not to love?

Others….not so much…like Sonic and the Black Knights


Ugh….. I mean….then they gave this guy a game.


It’s like when you finally meet the girl of your dreams and you realize that A) She has the brain of an acorn and B) A personality as thin as a piece of cardboard. Sonic just keeps shattering our heart and we keep coming back hoping that he’s changed and he will treat us better this time. You know what was great about Sonic games? When all he had to do was be in a side scroller and run across the stage and free animals. Oh yeah, and collect rings and do it in the fastest way possible. I will say that I really dug Sonic Unleashed which was the Sonic incarnation that had him split the game as his usual self and as a Werehog. Far fetched I know, but it worked out pretty well. That and the Sonic stages were also as fast as anything I’d ever seen him. But then there’s all this extra junk story involved and all I want to do is beat Dr. Robotnik. Not too much of a request.

So with Sonic’s 20th birthday, I hope he’s gotten out of this dark phase of his life and is turning that corner and has all those bad games behind him. One can dream….

-The Big Socrates

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One response to “Through the Good and the Bad, Sonic is Still Standing

  1. Typo-Critical

    July 7, 2011 at 10:08 AM

    Great entry. It definitely took me back to Sonic’s “glory” days… when SEGA was a legit competitor and literally Sonic’s speed added a refreshing touch to the typical side-scroller. Hell, even the spin-off games to a degree – Sonic Spinball and, unrelated but associated, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine – were enjoyable. When Sonic Adventure came out, fully bringing Sonic into the world of 3D (unlike that tease Sonic Blast, much less the BIGGER tease Sonic Jam) and proving he could hang with Mario on a next generation system, I was so excited. And then… well, he started sucking again after Adventure II.

    I’m hoping this 20th Anniversary iteration does the franchise better justice. Between Sonic Colors and the Black Knight ish (basically, SEGA trying to make Sonic Zelda… #FAIL), I feel like I’m back where I was in SEGA’s last days as a console franchise, hoping for something big.


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