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Why Prison’s are Psychologically Damaging

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My brother’s headphones went out. While lamenting the loss of convenient music I thought. Imagine if you were in prison. You lose your headphones while free you’re irked but you can easily buy a pair of new ones. If you’re low on dough someone may loan you theirs until you save up and get some more. If you’re in prison that pair of headphones that just went out represent either a sentimental gift from a loved one in a place that doesn’t allow many or the result of work done at near non-existent wages to buy a pair. That’s if you’re allowed to buy one at all because it may be banned having been deemed contraband. Either way it’s subject from removal by guards at a moment’s notice. Don’t forget the other inmates who may not have been so lucky as to have a pair and decided that they may take yours. So imagine you’ve overcome all designs upon your headphones to remain in possession them and have grown used to enjoying them. Thwarting all your foes for the peace and quiet you have awarded yourself with by the spoils of your work. You place them on your head and they … go out. Imagine that moment. No wonder people come out of prison with symptoms of PTSD.


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When Sequels Attack

Hey readers, a few days ago I thought what are the movie sequels that actually manage to surpass the original films so I decided to make a post here of some of my favorites. Along with some help from outside forces. So here we go.

Bad Boys 2

I am a huge fan of this movie but not really of the 1st one. Don’t know why. This one just clicked with me so much easier and had me laughing the entire way through. “What’s plan B?”

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