When Sequels Attack

12 Dec

Hey readers, a few days ago I thought what are the movie sequels that actually manage to surpass the original films so I decided to make a post here of some of my favorites. Along with some help from outside forces. So here we go.

Bad Boys 2

I am a huge fan of this movie but not really of the 1st one. Don’t know why. This one just clicked with me so much easier and had me laughing the entire way through. “What’s plan B?”


Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

I’ve been back and forth between these two movies for quite some time. It’s a very easy call to make that the 2nd movie is way better than the first one in every way except one, the actual thwarting the bad guys (Marv and Harry) in the 2nd one is not nearly as good as the first one.


Rocky IV Ok, all jokes aside for how I feel about the Rocky franchise as a whole, there’s no denying the staying power of this sequel. So many storylines to go through. America vs Communist Russia. Rocky loses his friend, Apollo Creed, to the Russian monster, Drago. Rocky goes across seas to train on a icy mountainside (with a training beard mind you #TeamBeard) and has the KGB trailing his every move. Bridgette Nielsen is Drago’s girl! Need I say more? Oh yeah, GO AMERICA!!!


Spider-Man 2

Now, I will admit upfront my bias for this movie. This movie is in my top 10 best movies ever. A lot of people don’t like it like I do or even consider this one the best of the trilogy. Those who somehow think the 3rd one is deserving of that honor are absolutely out of their minds. EMO SPIDER-MAN!!!! My favorite part of this movie is Peter’s confession scene to Mary Jane. And then the following scene at his apartment. Just two great scenes. Anyway, who’s looking forward to the reboot??? *Raises hand*


Die Hard with a Vengeance

The only problem I have with this movie is I don’t currently own it in any format. Sad day. The writers had to have been sitting in a room writing this out and thinking….How can we make John McClain more bad ass? HOW ABOUT WE PAIR WITH SAMUEL L. JACKSON!? And thus, cinema magic was made.


Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back The original Star Wars movie actually seemed like mere filler to what awaited in this movie. Like a Rocky IV, there are like a 1,000 storylines going on in this movie all of which conclude with one of the biggest surprises in movie history. Luke, you might have some daddy issues to talk about with Leia and Han.


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

This movie had everything you wanted to the end of a trilogy. Yes, the trilogy. Yes, the end of the Indiana Jones movies. What do you mean aliens? Never happened. Sean Connery is Indy’s dad for crying out loud. Make sure what cup you drink from.



Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Oh yes, the movie that completely modernized CG effects in movies with the T-1000 model. There was a terrible joke I made about Robert Patrick (actor who played T-1000) who was in We Are Marshall. This was also the absolute stratosphere launch for James Cameron. Who could really do no wrong after directing this movie. So many great action sequences came from this movie. Very much ahead of its time and still holds up well 20 years later.


The Dark Knight

You didn’t think that I would make a sequel list and not include one of the greatest of our generation, did you? C’MON! Give me some credit here. So what else does there really need to said about this movie that hasn’t been said already? Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker will live on forever…sad we can’t say the same for him. But as we all are awaiting the 3rd and final movie of the trilogy, there’s only one question I have to ask…. WHY SO SERIOUS?!

Thanks everyone for reading and tell me what you think.

-The Big Socrates

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One response to “When Sequels Attack

  1. fnasty

    December 31, 2011 at 3:16 AM

    Matrix 2 is worthy of this list good sir. Those action scenes were/are/will always be ridiculous


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