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Revenge of the Nerds

All people are inherently self-centered. This is a truism that people apply easily to others but really can’t apply to themselves without constant work. What makes this even harder for some is when they count themselves among a group of people who see themselves as perpetually wronged. Today we are going to talk about just such a group, nerds. Yeah the free ride is over nerds. I’m calling you on your bull and I took AP classes like a Klansman who once dated a black girl I’m one of you so don’t even try to say I’m just picking on you, I’m not trying to hear it. Nerds are people who are constantly portrayed as sexless losers who are constantly picked on in high school. What makes this a problem is that as nerds grow up they gain a ton of privilege but never shed the mindset that they are perpetually under-appreciated. This leads to all kinds of self-centered behavior that basically boils down to being one of the worst kinds of asshole. The one who blames their on everyone else. Read the rest of this entry »


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Tales From The Metro(rail)

Junkie (novel)

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So recently I’ve moved to D.C. to pursue opportunities in my field, Government, as a Fellow, fancy I know, at a fundraising shop. Yesterday I left a fundraiser with a free tray of fruit, because I’m still broke. I made my way from the absolutely beautiful house we used as a setting for the shindig and headed to the Eastern Market Metro Stop. Whilst paying for my metrocard, who made public transportation so expensive, I thought “hmm I should eat these pineapples before they get warm” no one like lukewarm pineapples. As I took my seat to wait on the train I opened up the lovely tray and this is what happened.

Me – Me, Chad Stanton

Surprisingly Well Dressed Junkie – A junkie with the Bubbles look and alcohol on his breath, except dude had on a blazer, clean white shirt, jeans and and some wingtips

*Surprisingly Well Dressed Junkie enters and sets next to me*

*I start eating pineapple chunks (Junkie or not I’m eating these dxmn chunks)*

SWDJ: Yo can I get one of those joints?

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Shit (some) Black People Said During and After ‘Red Tails’ [Spoiler Alert]

An account of honest conversations that occurred amongst some African-Americans after seeing the highly-anticipated, “Hollywood-shunned”, George Lucas-produced, and in their opinion, over-hyped and underachieveing film, “Red Tails”.

“I’ll admit, I saw this movie because I felt obligated.”

“I thought the theater was going to be sold out.”

“You think some of the white people here came because they are George Lucas fans?”

“Well, my mama told me it was good…but she likes anything with us in it.”

“Black folks will clap everytime a black character stands up to a white character in a movie.”

“I thought I’d learn somethin’ new though…”

“Were any of those characters real?”

“Shhh… don’t talk down the movie around mixed company.”

“The music is a bit much, no?”

“What was up with that Arial font in the opening and ending credits?”

“That script was killin’ me…”

“Not one sista, huh?”

“The characters had 21st century swagger in a 1940’s movie. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they dabbed each other up at some point.”


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Angry Brides Get A Little Help Striking Back!

Social Justice- the fight for awareness and tolerance of all cultures and social groups. Social Justice can do a lot to help as well as harm certain causes. The Civil Rights Movement has propelled African Americans and many other underrepresented groups (especially white women) to be recognized as not having the same opportunities and rights as their counterparts of power. Since the Civil Rights Movement, the tactics such as marches and protest have been desensitized limiting the power of their abilities to mobilize and communicate to the masses the unjust that certain groups may be experiencing. For this reason, advocates have had to be innovative in their tactics to express their concerns. Many examples of this have been facebook and twitter campaigns as well as walkouts and boycotts of businesses. The most recent way of acknowledging an oppressed group that has caught my attention as been the recent phenomenon of  the “Angry Birds” creators. Read the rest of this entry »


NFL Playoff Preview Podcast

Will Rodgers and the Pack become the team of the 10's?

Ah yes, its that time of year again where you are fed up with College Football’s “Post Season” senseless money grab that they call bowl season and really want to see some meaningful win-or-go-home football as God intended. Well, wait no more sports fans, the NFL Playoff start next week! Friend of the thread and oft contributor Mark Rodriguez and I got together to talk predictions throughout the playoffs as well as our eventual Super Bowl champs. Enjoy the podcast guys, and let us know what we got right or wrong in the comments. Did we give your team enough respect? (Note to Cowboys Fans: We took it easy on you guys =D). Check below to get the download of the podcast (Sorry, couldnt get the audio player to work from the site). Enjoy!


Podcast Download: Mediafire or Hulkshare


I do this for my culture”

MichaelYoungHistory & MarkRod

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The Moment When…

The Moment When:

I understand that I have neglected my blog duties and focused on another. I apologize, but I have finally found a post that I was motivated to write. I won’t tell you where or when I decided to write this blog (trust me. You don’t want to know), but I thought it would be nice… and funny.

There are many times in your life when you have that crucial eureka moments. The ah ha’s are sometimes laughable when the realization or solutions have been right in front of your face. So here is a list of “the moment when…” incidents that you may have experienced.

  1. The moment when… you realize that your cell phone is at home, and you’re too far to turn back around.
  2. The moment when… you pour cereal into the bowl and realize you have no milk.
  3. The moment when… you get in the shower then you have to go to the restroom.
  4. The moment when… you’re studying for a test and realize it’s the wrong chapter.
  5. The moment when… you continuously search for your phone then realize you’re on it.
  6. The moment when… you a movie you’re watching gets really good then your dvr tells you that two of your favorite shows are set to record.
  7. The moment when… you wake up and realize your alarm is going off in one minute.
  8. The moment when… you’re going hard on someone and find out the stranger sitting next to you knows the person very well.
  9. The moment when… you’re about to retweet someone, and you realize it would be too messy.
  10. The moment when… you look for the “like” button on twitter.
  11. The moment when… you look for the “retweet” button on facebook.
  12. The moment when… you sit on the toilet and realize there’s no toilet paper.
  13. The moment when… you’re going hard on that song and notice someone’s been standing there the whole time.
  14. The moment when… you pick up the soda can and are surprised that there’s nothing left.
  15. The moment when… you open the fridge and realize someone has eaten your food.
  16.  The moment when… you applied for graduation.
  17. The moment when… we won the national championship
  18. The moment when… you pull up and realized you forgot the one thing you went to the store for.
  19. The moment when… you think this is the worst birthday ever, then you open up that last gift!!!!
  20. That moment when… you change that class to pass/fail.
  21.  The moment when… you meet your friend’s sig fig, and they’re not as cute as you imagined.
  22. The moment when… you realize Purple Rain is on tv.
  23.  The moment when… you finally delete someone’s number.
  24.  The moment when… you see three missed calls or text and none of them are from anyone you want to hear from.
  25.  The moment when… you realize God has really blessed you with a great group of friends!

What is your moment!?!?


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