The Moment When…

03 Jan

The Moment When:

I understand that I have neglected my blog duties and focused on another. I apologize, but I have finally found a post that I was motivated to write. I won’t tell you where or when I decided to write this blog (trust me. You don’t want to know), but I thought it would be nice… and funny.

There are many times in your life when you have that crucial eureka moments. The ah ha’s are sometimes laughable when the realization or solutions have been right in front of your face. So here is a list of “the moment when…” incidents that you may have experienced.

  1. The moment when… you realize that your cell phone is at home, and you’re too far to turn back around.
  2. The moment when… you pour cereal into the bowl and realize you have no milk.
  3. The moment when… you get in the shower then you have to go to the restroom.
  4. The moment when… you’re studying for a test and realize it’s the wrong chapter.
  5. The moment when… you continuously search for your phone then realize you’re on it.
  6. The moment when… you a movie you’re watching gets really good then your dvr tells you that two of your favorite shows are set to record.
  7. The moment when… you wake up and realize your alarm is going off in one minute.
  8. The moment when… you’re going hard on someone and find out the stranger sitting next to you knows the person very well.
  9. The moment when… you’re about to retweet someone, and you realize it would be too messy.
  10. The moment when… you look for the “like” button on twitter.
  11. The moment when… you look for the “retweet” button on facebook.
  12. The moment when… you sit on the toilet and realize there’s no toilet paper.
  13. The moment when… you’re going hard on that song and notice someone’s been standing there the whole time.
  14. The moment when… you pick up the soda can and are surprised that there’s nothing left.
  15. The moment when… you open the fridge and realize someone has eaten your food.
  16.  The moment when… you applied for graduation.
  17. The moment when… we won the national championship
  18. The moment when… you pull up and realized you forgot the one thing you went to the store for.
  19. The moment when… you think this is the worst birthday ever, then you open up that last gift!!!!
  20. That moment when… you change that class to pass/fail.
  21.  The moment when… you meet your friend’s sig fig, and they’re not as cute as you imagined.
  22. The moment when… you realize Purple Rain is on tv.
  23.  The moment when… you finally delete someone’s number.
  24.  The moment when… you see three missed calls or text and none of them are from anyone you want to hear from.
  25.  The moment when… you realize God has really blessed you with a great group of friends!

What is your moment!?!?


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