Angry Brides Get A Little Help Striking Back!

20 Jan

Social Justice- the fight for awareness and tolerance of all cultures and social groups. Social Justice can do a lot to help as well as harm certain causes. The Civil Rights Movement has propelled African Americans and many other underrepresented groups (especially white women) to be recognized as not having the same opportunities and rights as their counterparts of power. Since the Civil Rights Movement, the tactics such as marches and protest have been desensitized limiting the power of their abilities to mobilize and communicate to the masses the unjust that certain groups may be experiencing. For this reason, advocates have had to be innovative in their tactics to express their concerns. Many examples of this have been facebook and twitter campaigns as well as walkouts and boycotts of businesses. The most recent way of acknowledging an oppressed group that has caught my attention as been the recent phenomenon of  the “Angry Birds” creators.

The makers of the popular game “Angry Birds” have used their worldwide popularity to raise awareness about the controversial dowry practices in Asia. Outlawed for 50 years, dowry practices have turned into violent, manipulative tactics to pry more money out of women’s families. If they do not comply with more money, many women are severely harmed and even murdered.

In this game, called “Angry Brides”, a woman that resembles an Indian Goddess propels various objects such as frying pans, stiletto shoes, and brooms to unruly husbands. When hit money transfers from their Dowry to an Antyi-Dowry fund.

A lot of violence and oppression comes from the fact that the problem continues to happen, and no one says anything. I tip my hat off to the makers of “Angry Birds” and “Angry Brides” for using their popularity as an innovative way to create a social justice for these women. Reports from Yahoo have stated that over 270,000 people have liked and/or played the app since its launch last week. It my not be a march, but it’s a movement.

Personally, I didn’t even know that dowries were outlawed, let alone causing murders of women all across Asia. Awareness is the first step. I am anxious to see if/ when the numbers decline for dowry related murders. It’s always nice to see people use their power for good.

For more information, see the Times article in its entirety at


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