2012 March Madness Podcast

12 Mar

Will Coach Cal finally get over the hump and cut down the nets? And if he does, will it actually count?

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year!!! Productivity will be at an all-time low as we use work time to fill out brackets and/or watch games as we try to avoid being discovered by our bosses (who are most likely doing the same thing in their office). March Madness is upon us! This year’s tourney brings with it unanswered questions, as every tourney does. Will there be another Cinderella run to New Orleans for the Final Four? Will we see another Butler (2 straight championship game appearances) or a VCU who went from First Four to Final Four? Will this year bring about the return of the dominance of college basketball’s superpowers like the 08 tourney? Which players will become household names and/or boost their draft stock like Derrick Williams did last year? Can Bill Self and the Jayhawks stop losing to teams we’ve never heard of? Could we get a Roy Williams vs. Kansas matchup, pitting him against his old school? Can Jim Boehim-lich Maneuver and Syracuse live up to its regular season record?

Its about that time to start filling out those brackets and joining office pools, but have no fear! We’re here to help! With the help of a few friends of The Thread (Ramon and Justin) The Big Socrates and I broke down the bracket just minutes after Selection Sunday. Enjoy! (And if you make some money off of our advice, we expect a 10% donation.)

P.S. This should come in handy. Here is a tv schedule for the play-in games as well as the first and second First, Second, and Third round games! Remember, every game is televised this year on CBS, TNT, TBS and TruTV, so don’t miss any action! If you werent lucky enough to take Thursday and/or Friday off to enjoy the action nonstop (like I was able to do), for just $3.99 you can stream all of the action from your laptop, work computer, phone or table.

PSS: We reserve the right to change our respective brackets! After our discussion, I already feel shaky about a few of my picks!

“I do this for my culture”

-MichaelYoungHistory, The Big Socrates, Justin B. and Ramon R. 

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