A BRAVE New World

04 Jul

So after watching PIXAR’s latest addition to the family, Brave, last week, I felt it necessary to do a quick review of the movie and then talk about my ranking of the 13 films up to date.


PIXAR’s 13th outing, I saw Brave opening day last week and was left kind of disappointed. I thought Merida and her family were really cool characters with what seemed like a good story up until the actual story started taking shape and you came to grips with this reality. Was it bad? No. Their worst? No. It’s definitely in their bottom tier of movies though. My problem(s) with the movie is that PIXAR usually designs their movies to be catered to both the younger and older crowds. Inside jokes that adults can laugh at but not be offensive to children. This movie, however, was just done for the kiddos and I found myself kind of bored throughout. The other “problem” really goes to my idea of what I expect from PIXAR in general. I’ve come to expect a certain level of greatness from this studio and every year when they had a new idea that I wasn’t sure of, MichaelYoungHistory would tell me it’s PIXAR and to not be worried, and he’d be right. With Brave, I actually was overly enthused for this one because I felt it was a cool and new direction for PIXAR. So I guess I should just be sort of apprehensive from now on….. This movie just seemed like it would fit in well with Dreamworks movies not so much PIXAR.

Now that that’s out of the way, I should get on to this list. Here we go!

13. Cars 2

The only Pixar movie I haven’t seen. Now this movie could be the mark in history for the turn of these movies to be more kid than adult friendly since I had no inclination whatsoever to see it. When I started reading that this would be the first non Toy Story sequel to be made, I could only ask, “Why????” Cars wasn’t exceptional from any stretch of the imagination, so what warranted a sequel? It’s actually one of Pixar’s lowest grossing movies. Another hour and a half of Larry the Cable Guy? Yeah, not interested.

12.  Ratatouille

A talking mouse that has a love for cooking. Seemed simple enough. Turned out to be an appetite for disaster. I’ve seen this movie once and I don’t really have a want to see it again. I stopped caring about the welfare of mice after Jerry, Master Splinter, and the Fievel movies…..

11. Brave

Yeah, Pixar’s latest offering doesn’t even crack my top 10. Won’t rehash any of my earlier statements. Wasted potential…..

Favorite Scene: Anything with the triplets in it. When Merida was trying to get her mom out of the castle.

10. Cars

The original Cars is pretty good all around to me. Nothing extraordinary about it, but it’s a solid movie. Again, not worth the sequel…. SMH.

Favorite Scene: When Lightning and Mater go out to the corn field and get chased by the tractor.

9. A Bug’s Life

Flick and Co. break the top ten on this list. “Warrior” circus bugs recruited to stop a group of grasshoppers.

Favorite Scene: When the grasshoppers attack and the ants counter with their assembled bird flyer.

8. Monster’s Inc.

I battled back and forth on these 2 movies, and Monster’s Inc, just barely edges out A Bug’s Life on placement on this list. Got to believe that Boo pushed this one over the top.

Favorite Scene: Boo’s first night with Mike and Sully as they try to keep her a secret.

7. Toy Story 2

The first ever Pixar sequel belongs to Toy Story 2. A story that centers on Woody and has him trying to figure out his place in the world.

Favorite Scene: The toys going to Al’s Toy Barn and Buzz realizing how ridiculous he was in the first movie after they stumble upon his aisle with 2,000 Buzz Lightyears.

6. Up

How many of you saw the first 15 minutes of this movie and thought, “THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A KIDS MOVIE?!” Yep, I was in the same boat. To say that Up pulled on your heartstrings in those first few minutes, is an understatement. More like they wanted to yank them out of your body. But then you met Russell and Dug and then you want to see Carl succeed in getting his house to Paradise Falls for his late wife, Ellie.

Favorite Scene: Probably the whole sequence on the zeppelin.

5. Toy Story 3

The supposed final chapter in the Toy Story franchise, TS3 makes it into my top 5. The idea of this being a movie done with almost no Andy involvement whatsoever, scared me at the beginning….. But those fears were swept aside the first time the toys were ransacked by the toddlers at the Sunnyside Daycare. Another quick admission, I was one of the grown ups crying during the incinerator sequence. Lol.

Favorite Scene: When Toddlers Attack. First day at the daycare.

4. Wall-E

Wall-E marked the first Pixar movie that I genuinely had doubts over. I mean, the movie was about a robot that was the last thing on Earth and could only really say it’s name. Turned out to be an amazing love story as Wall-E did all he could to impress the new robot on the block in Eve. Go plant some pizza plants!

Favorite Scene: When Wall-E and Eve accidentally spring the broken robots out of the repairs room and start to terrorize the ship.

3. Toy Story

At the end of the day, there’s only one Toy Story for me. Pixar’s first film is as timeless a movie as anything that Disney has in its repertoire. The movie is filled with tons of quotables, and for many of the people in my age group, one of the last few pieces of our childhood. To infinity and beyond.

Favorite Scene: Woody’s toy speech to Sid and the subsequent escape to meet up with the other toys and Andy’s family on moving day.

2. Finding Nemo  

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Marlin’s search for his son, Nemo, cracks the top 2! Finding Nemo is one of my favorites because it has so many crazy characters in it to balance the story. Everywhere Dory and Marlin go, it’s a completely different theme as they make it to P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney (The only thing that forgetful Dory can remember most of the movie).

Favorite Scene: Dory trying to translate whale when her and Marlin find the blue whale.

1. The Incredibles

Yep, The Incredibles makes it to my number 1 spot. You mean to tell me that there’s a way to but Samuel L. Jackson in a movie, not have him use profanity, and it still be amazing? That’s exactly what The Incredibles accomplishes. All while Bob Par and his family try to assimilate back into regular society while juggling their superpowers. Hilarity ensues. Besides the Samuel L. Jackson thing, The Incredibles, was just so funny to me. It makes the Pixar title because it’s got the ability to laugh at some of the trademark superhero shortcomings (Edna’s commentary on not having a cape put on a super suit), but at the same time it puts out the message that we all have special gifts, and we shouldn’t have to hide them away from the general populous.

Favorite Scene: When Bob gets fired from his job and throws his boss through 8 cubicles.

Thank you all for reading this. Enjoy your 4th of July festivities!

WELCOME TO EARTH! *Will Smith punch to the face*

-The Big Socrates

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  1. Karen B. Jones

    July 4, 2012 at 10:31 AM

    Have you done a list like this for Dreamworks? Because I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on those. Personally, my favorite Dreamworks movie is Megamind followed by How to Train Your Dragon. I’m a little wary of the Rise of the Guardians, though. I have no idea what to expect with that.


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