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He Said/She Said: Women’s Basketball – The Aftermath

After facecurtainista blessed you with “Sports In Real Life Vol. 2: The Future for Women’s Hoops“, we thought we’d follow up now that the women’s championship game has come and gone. For those of you keeping up with our “He Said/She Said” series, we’re back for a fourth installment.  Here are the first three (For Colored Girls, Making Love vs. Having Sex, Love Jones) in case you missed them.  I brought along our resident Threader who played collegiate basketball to discuss the aftermath of last night.  She brought you this gem that shattered myths about female basketball players.  I don’t pretend to be a huge women’s basketball fan, but like many men, I was tuned in and turned on.

Why were men suddenly so interested in watching a women’s basketball game?
He Said: Let me go ahead and just get this out of this way. This is why men were tuned in:

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“Men don’t cheat on their Barbers”

Awhile back I  had a convo with one of my homeboys and revealed  that I drive two hours to another city to get my hair done. I waited a few seconds for his reaction, only for him to shrug & say “cool”. I was shocked that he didnt do the usual “so there ain’t nobody here that can do your hair?!” thing. However I was glad that I didn’t have to explain why my grown, educated, & employed self drove MY car two hours to spend MY money to get a decent hairstyle. I asked why he was un-phased…

Him: “You’re loyal to your stylist because they do such a great job on your hair, I’m the same with my barber”

Me: EXACTLY. wait, you would drive 2hrs to get a hair cut, that’s ridiculous!

Him: oh it would be ridiculous for me, But not for you? 

Me: Yep! (hypocritical, I know)

Him: I prolly wouldn’t drive 2hrs, but I respect the principle behind it! You can’t trust just any ni**a wit your taper…

Heres the thing, i feel like there are a million great barbers out there, but any dealings with a woman’s head takes real skill. Most people don’t notice wether or not a guy’s barber is good or great! As long as he doesn’t have a chilli bowl, and his edge up is straight, then he’s good money. My only pet peeve is when guys try and cut/line themselves up because they’re either too cheap or too lazy to pay the Measly $15-20 (which is nothing compared to the bread women spend). 

Anyway after a long debate, he explained that a man & his barber have a very unique bond that is not easily broken. According to him “men don’t cheat on their barbers” 


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The “Every Female Basketball Player is gay, ugly, masculine, tall and aggressive” Myth…

I’m a former collegiate women’s basketball player.

Immediately upon hearing this most people subconsciously determine that I  am gay, ugly, masculine and over six feet tall… and my raspy voice only gives them more reason to believe I dig chicks! However, in actuality I am VERY straight (that means that I’ve never experimented on a road trip or much less had the desire to), I’m attractive, girly, and the shortest basketball player in UT Women’s Basketball history standing at only 5’3… and that’s on a good day.

When the stereotype-rs (new word?) finally meet me in person they usually pause and say something like “Wow you’re so feminine” or “I never would have thought that YOU played basketball” or my favorite “you’re cute for a basketball player.”  I usually give my best fake smile/thank you combo, but on most occasions I walk away offended.

So in honor of VSB & in response to the thread questions I would like to officially annihilate the “Every female Basketball player is gay, ugly, masculine, & tall” Myth … *breathes hard like Beyonce (SL video)* There are lots of stereotypes that keep this myth alive… I’ve taken some time to break down a few of them.

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“Say Lil Daddy…”

Seeing as how this is my first post to the blog and the fact that I felt the need to flat out copy Typo-critical (why reinvent the wheel?), I figure an introduction is a necessary preface to this entry. I am Embossme: amateur writer, professional Black woman, charming, attractive & single *winks. I think that says enough without saying too much.


I promise I’m getting better. No, really I am! There used to be a time when I would act a FOOL when a random guy would approach me trying to “holla”. My nose would turn up, I would immediately put on my “Ni**a please” face, cock my neck to the side and say “What?!” in my best hood-chic voice. Unfortunately this well rehearsed scene never worked, even when executed to perfection “he” would STILL try and get my number. I have to admit that some guys were really sweet, polite, and even respectful and truly didn’t deserve my candor; while others were rude, offensive, and just downright ratchet. The latter would usually approach me with “Saaay lil mama…” and that would be my cue (lights camera action!) Please note that these kinds of greetings vary based on region.  I grew up in the Midwest and back then it was “Hey Shorty”, but during my three year hiatus on the East Coast it was “Sup ma?” I remember once while in DC this guy approached me and said “Sup Ma, do you taste as good as you look?!” needless to say I was appalled.

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