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True Hater$

True Hater$: Someone who intrinsically can not say anything good about something or someone good.

I think we can all agree on this definition. At some point in your life, you have been a hater too. If you say you haven’t you a damn lie. I hated plenty of times; although, I do not believe a single act of “hating” make a person a true hater.

True haters say or do one of  the following:

Person A: “I love these eggs! Wow, are these cage free? You scrambled them so well.”

Person B: “Thank You. Enjoy”

True Hater: “I mean, they alright. I’ve had better. Caged or un-caged an egg is an egg you know. ”


Person A: “Oh, Nice car! What’s that, leather interior? Navigation, bluetooth! Wow! You are doing big things”

Person B: “I’m just grateful God has blessed me”

True Hater: “Yeah, yeah thats what’s up, but uh I bet them car notes killing you right? I mean some of them features you don’t even really need like navigation… I mean where you going?”

Some people, no matter what the situation always have something negative to say. Some haters even hate on themselves.

I got to thinking… Is hating all that bad? Does a hater ruin your mood or make you work harder? Think about the haters in your life. All the people that talked crap about your accomplishments whether it was blatant or subtle. At some point, their hate for your victories fueled you to become more and more victorious.

So, next time you see a hater… and it may very well be me, SAY THANK YOU!



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Molly’s Money

My Co-worker, we will call her “Molly”, is a outgoing smart girl with serious money issues. Oblivious to her very real financial woes, she tells me her 2 cents…I mean that literally. This is an ode to her and our many conversations on Molly’s money.

Much to her defense, it is not all her fault. She went to college with all the hope of what college promises. She thought 4 yrs charged to a couple credit cards, a few loans here and there and a good paying dream job will come.  Ill get to college, credit cards, and student loans in a later post. Along with that she honestly thinks that she can afford to live beyond her means.  This is the root of her problems. She brags about having the newest stuff. If she doesn’t have it she goes on and on about how she needs it. All the while completely ignoring her debt.  She, like many young adults, values materialism and instant gratification.  You know the ones that would plop down any amount of money for the “Cool Greys” but turn their nose up to a Roth IRA. Yeah, thats Molly. She was upset that her cell phone was turned off the day after she bought the shoes. Prioritize much?

After she ranted on about how she really needs a better paying job, I thought what good will that do you.  Getting paid more doesn’t change your spending and saving habits. Giving more money to people with money issues only makes the money issues bigger!  Deal with the issue.

This is the case for far too many young adults.  This is the prime of our lives. You can sink or swim.

Now, I was not a finance major. My degree is in communications so I approach finance in a very different way then your average financial advisor or economist. I won’t look at numbers, percentages, and charts and just hand you a resolution. I understand there are reasons, other than financial ones, as to why people purchase things they really shouldn’t. Still no excuse for living beyond your means. Thats my 2 cents.

pinch your pockets,



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