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Welcome to the Real World, 5 Things Graduates Should Know

Now is that time of year where undergraduates after years and years of study reach one of their goals of earning a Bachelor’s degree. It’s a beautiful time filled with promise, dread, and uncertainty.

1. Experience is vital if you’re going directly into the work world especially if you’re a liberal arts major. After years of study where you imagined it automatically paying off with a salary gig upon completion this can be a bit of a shock. Luckily whether you’ve had a job or not you’ve got experience. Those parties you threw was event planning, social media marketing, and community building voila.

2. You will never ever find yourself in such an easy position to meet someone of the opposite sex. Unless you’re going to grad school you won’t be studying, eating, sitting, and partying next to a ton of single men or women again. Once you go to work you’re limited to co-workers, folks you meet going out, and whoever you run into on the street. It’s not the same.

3. No one cares about your ideas. No seriously. You’ve been told your ideas are awesome. College encourages critical thinking and challenging authority. In reality authority hates being challenged. Don’t get me wrong speak your mind it’s the only way to get ahead but cover your butt while you’re doing it and quit being so proud of yourself about it.

4. Everything costs money. At school you could go to the gym, get a t-shirt, and some pizza all for the freezy. You have no idea how awesome that is until you’re pulling out your wallet whenever you turn around. Heck even your dates are free, “hey you want to study/kick it” is an absolutely beautiful date concept that has just left your hands as you crossed that stage.

5. Go to Grad School, no seriously. If you don’t have a job right now start studying for the GRE and save yourself while you can.

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Joe Walsh, Barack Obama, and Affirmative Action

Joe Walsh, Barack Obama, and Affirmative Action

Here is the argument against “affirmative action” in perfect form. Opponents of affirmative action argue that the accomplishments of African Americans are questioned if there is the possibility of affirmative action is present. Even in cases that see institutions simply acknowledge race as a factor among many, without quotas or a point system, people cry foul as if they just can’t trust a black achievement unless they’re double-sure that no one ever looked upon them more favorably. Here we see this dynamic even when an African-American succeeds on a national platform where the application process is determined by the votes of millions of Americans. Even in this most transparent of hiring processes the achievement is tainted merely by the presence of melanin in the skin of the victor. In Rep. Walsh’s mind the possibility that President Obama earned his title in the same manner that 43 presidents before him did is untrue. President Obama got a “leg up” from the American electorate as a whole because he was a black person. What would a black person have to do in Rep. Joe Walsh‘s world in order to be “legitimate” success? If Barack Obama winning a national election where he was scrutinized by the media and voters and won the approval of (much) more than half isn’t an earned success then what possibly could be?

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Friendly Reminder: Don’t Get Caught

Hello, thREADERS! Just wanted to give y’all a friendly reminder that, whenever you KNOW all eyes are on you, or even when you think no one is watching you… always buckle up and be careful not to get caught with your pants down.

You don’t want to be this guy. Okay, well, maybe you do, but not like this.

"... Till I get flashed by the paparazzi/ Damn, these niggas got me!" - Flashing Lights


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Things That I Instantly Think Are Wack

English: Sinbad (David Adkins)

Him and Bill Cosby the only non-cussing comedians I like.

Christian Comedy Shows – Who decided this was a good idea? I don’t need judgement with my laughter. There are two kinds of Christian comedy shows; ones where they talk about church stuff which is stretching one bit of material too far. I don’t need scripture in my comedy. The only people who enjoy christian comedy shows are the people who are too old to remember what real comedy sounds like are those people you knew in college who beat you over the head with the bible when you got drunk. The other kind of christian comedy shows are the ones where they talk about what they did “before they got saved” which is a regular comedy show without cursing, you’re not Sinbad. Fxck that shxt.

People with Jeans & Tucked In Dress Shirts – Cliche’ maybe, baffling totally. Who’s forcing people to tuck their shirts into their jeans? Do people think it’s classier? You look like the kid who played by all the rules in high school. Nobody likes that guy. Ladies does the tucked in shirt turn you on? Why Jordan why?

The Guy Who Stares While You Dance with His Friend – Alright you’re trapped in the friend zone, I get it I don’t need the thousand yard stare I’m not going anywhere, I’m dancing. You need to get some male friends to tell you to stop being all puppy dog. You know she’s doing this on purpose right? “Yeah girl Ricky think he’s going to get with me but he’s just too nice, I’m a let him know though. He’s still going to help me move tomorrow, watch.”

Audrey II in the 2006–07 West End production

You when you flirt in front of your man

The Girl Who Stares at You While She’s Talking to Her Boyfriend – You’re the reason dude’s react to every other male like he’s a wolf who must protect his territory. I clearly see you talking with your man. I subscribe to the André 3K school of “I don’t take nobody (chick) and I never owned a Jakob”. You thrive off of drama and jealousy. Like the plant in the “Little Shop of Horrors“, this totally disrespectful stare might as well say “feed me Seymour”.  You’re bad candy babe, bad candy.

The Trailer for Things That Don’t Need A Trailer – So you’re putting out a thirty  minute trailer for a three-minute video because the demand for content is just that high. We have more content then we’ve ever needed. It’s not just rappers either there was a preview for a Super Bowl commercial, a commercial for a commercial, ridiculous!

The McDonald’s Breakfast TimeLimit – Why must I rush to get a sausage biscuit on Saturday? Jack In The Box doesn’t pull this crap and that’s why stoner

Jack in the Box

Eat this shxt whenever you like

everywhere love Jack in the Crack. I want sausage biscuits all day everyday my heart can take it.


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Reflections of a once discouraged Black Man that can’t get into “certain” clubs


 You likely know exactly what I’m about to say. And likely, exactly what I’m about to call out. To most of you reading,  this subject isn’t a surprise. It’s not even news anymore. It’s a story that happens…and continues to happen on a regular basis. For those unaware of such activities, let me sum it up for you: 

Black people have a hard time getting into “certain clubs”.

And we’re not the only culture, but I can only speak from my perspective and experiences. I’ve even recently heard of cases of folks getting in trouble who stood up for their peers (in this case, teammate) who were discriminated against. If this hasn’t happened to you yet as a black male, you either don’t go out, you’re always over-dressed when you do go out, or you simply just stay ‘in your comfort zone’.

Going to college in Austin, TX, I learned these lessons at an early age. Ya see, back in 2004 when I was a freshmen, brothas were still in the blazers, long button-ups, jeans, and Air Forces.

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Revenge of the Nerds

All people are inherently self-centered. This is a truism that people apply easily to others but really can’t apply to themselves without constant work. What makes this even harder for some is when they count themselves among a group of people who see themselves as perpetually wronged. Today we are going to talk about just such a group, nerds. Yeah the free ride is over nerds. I’m calling you on your bull and I took AP classes like a Klansman who once dated a black girl I’m one of you so don’t even try to say I’m just picking on you, I’m not trying to hear it. Nerds are people who are constantly portrayed as sexless losers who are constantly picked on in high school. What makes this a problem is that as nerds grow up they gain a ton of privilege but never shed the mindset that they are perpetually under-appreciated. This leads to all kinds of self-centered behavior that basically boils down to being one of the worst kinds of asshole. The one who blames their on everyone else. Read the rest of this entry »


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Facebook’s Thirstiest Moments

We understand that Facebook has many features at our disposable to enjoy for socialization purposes. However, since its creation, many people have used such social networking to enhance their own “thirsty” agendas. Hey, we’ve all done it – spit a lil’ game via Facebook chat, or unnecessarily commenting on someone’s post/status (typically with an “lol” — to essentially say ‘Hey! I’m been on your profile!’). But this post is dedicated to mocking those who have NO shame in their game.

The following is a list constructed of observations from my newsfeed…and inbox…and timeline for you tweeters. No particular order.

1. “Poking”
Poke Back?

This is a classic ‘thirst move’ for attention. Probably one of the first for Facebook. A new age, “Yes, No, or Maybe”, if  you will.

Poor girls, I bet this is all too familiar. A series of pokes from guys you don’t even talk to on a regular basis. And I know a few girls that would have a whole page-length column of them. And these girls would save them– like trophies. Us guys usually just poke back or remove –like instantly.

Ever have someone “poke” you so often you think to yourself, “Didn’t I remove this poke, or did they just poke again?”   Yeah, it’s as creepy as it sounds.

2. “Liking” Single

To “Like” or Comment on someone becoming single is just messy in the first place. Unless it’s Tina Turner or someone in a similiar situation. I don’t see why “liking” is even an option. Facebook should disable that in this instance!

And there’s usually a thirsty or messy comment as well. Some folks just ready to box out for the rebound.

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MILK & HONEY never tasted so good!

Think of I Want to Work with Diddy mixed with Baldwin Hills with an updated A Different World on the side. We all, whether we’re ready to admit it or not, watch these shows for various different reasons, but they all have one thing in common. They show young black people progressing. Now imagine the good that all of these shows have all rolled up in one. I don’t know about y’all, but that’s my dream show, and if we work hard, it just might come true in the near future!!!  Read the rest of this entry »


Not My Place

I am the youngest of three children. I have two older brothers. Twins. So that means for the 24 years of my life, I have been a little princess! But what happens when a new female tries to step on the scene? Yes, thREADERS, I’m talking about my brothers’ new girlfriends.

My brothers are cute, and a lot of girls chased after them, so I figured that it was my duty as the little sister to weed out the bad ones, and I made sure I showed no mercy. It was my mission, and I chose to accept it… with pride. I mean mugged. I rolled my eyes. I ignored. There were sly remarks that chipped away at these girls’ confidence and amplified their insecurities. “You may be interested, but you’re not good enough.” I mean I was a beast. Don’t get mad men. This didn’t hurt my brothers dating life, but I had to let females know that if they wanted to get to my brothers, I wasn’t the avenue. My brothers knew this, so they may have had more girlfriends than I knew about and never introduced me. Do I care? No. My job was not to seek out active victims but to be ready when duty called.

But as time moved on, we all got older. I would say I felt the wrath of my actions when I dated guys, but I’ve only dated guys who were an only child or had brothers. My maturity in regards to my brothers’ relationships came on its own, and with that maturity came God’s test. This test happened about three years ago when my brother introduced me to his girlfriend… and I didn’t approve. Was I mean? No. Was I nice? No. I abstained. Which means I just said hi and refrained from any more conversation. He later found on his own that she was no good without help from me. I’d grown from that experience and realized that my brothers’ relationships are just that. Their relationships. All I had to do was take a step back, and time would reveal itself.

Which brings me to an incident a few weeks back. A curveball in my growth. My other brother has a new “girlfriend”, and he brought her to the house. I really believe that her expectation was that because she was the new girlfriend, I would jump to introduce myself and be extra friendly. WRONG! Honestly, I’m not friendly on a regular bases, and really do not feel that it is my job to be buddy buddy and best friends with her. I have enough friends, and she’s dating him. NOT ME. I owe her nothing, so her getting mad because I didn’t put on the friendly face gets a good ole Evelyn quote: “You Are A None Mother Fucking Factor!” I have things to do, and her mean mugs do not stop me from continuing with my business. I honestly don’t even know her name. The only reason I bring it up is because the said young lady said something to my brother about my unfriendliness and came back over yesterday with her mean mug on tight. It probably made her even madder when I continued folding clothes and disregarded her demeanor. I don’t have to like you. That’s not my place. You’re in a relationship with him not me. With my brothers’ taste, I probably won’t like you anyway, so move around!

Am I the only little sister/sibling that isn’t trying to be friends with my brothers’ girlfriends? I really want to tell females that it’s not that I don’t like them. I just have no concern and don’t want to waste the energy. This incident has really peaked my interest about how others handle their siblings significant others especially as adults. Let me know what you do and how you hand the situations.


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Welcome To My World David Frum

This morning I watched David Frum, reasonable conservative, on MSNBC, they had Frum paired up with a conservative commentator without a unique thought in her head. David Frum, helplessly  tried to lay out a reasonable and measured road map for conservatism with a place and purpose for adult ideas and tactic marked by moderation, compromise, and an eye towards actual governance and… it was essentially dismissed.

Frum’s “peer” rejected almost every idea on the grounds that acts of moderation do no reflect the Republican base. As an example Frum argued that Same sex marriage and Women’s Reproductive Rights shouldn’t be the litmus test for Republican leadership, the counterpoint was pretty much “sheeeeit”. As I watched as David Frum sitting uncomfortably at his seat I recognized a look on his face that was all too familiar. David Frum made the “embarrassed by ignorance” face that we all know and love. Throughout the years as educated and at least slightly bourgeoisie black folk have made their way through the world they have been confronted with having to explain black culture and people to their white friends which, like most of human nature, is sometimes inexplicable. Now trust this hasn’t been the exclusive province of black folk but it is one that we have much practice in. As David Frum sat there with the intellectual equivalent to the “who farted?” face I could tell he knows exactly how it feels.

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