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[KL:Consideration]: Consideration Accounting 101

The King’s Law on Consideration

I – To consider or not to consider, that is the “?”
II – Let’s be honest about honesty…
III – Honesty’s Gray Area
IV – Egocentrism and Honesty
V – The Consideration of Time
VI – The Consideration of Self
VII – Consideration Accounting 101

If you missed the last blog (The Consideration of Self) about “happiness”, essentially all you need to get from it is that “happiness” exists when you have something to be happy about… when things/people that make you happy are present.

The reason for this is simple… Ownership. People love (the illusion of) having things. Ownership implies comfort, convenience, satisfaction, and availability. Ownership provides security and thus a sense of stability. However, when those things we’d like to claim are not there, we are insecure because there is no guarantee that we can access, use, and thus be satisfied by the object of our happiness. That’s because we view these objects as:

property – noun
something at the disposal of a person, a group of persons, or the community or public

Today I thought of an interesting analogy to discuss this, however I’m afraid that it may only be appealing to people who enjoy financial talk… but I’ll keep the schooliness out of it as much as possible. (However this is definitely a good supplemental read for an introductory Accounting course) Read the rest of this entry »


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