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Shit (some) Black People Said During and After ‘Red Tails’ [Spoiler Alert]

An account of honest conversations that occurred amongst some African-Americans after seeing the highly-anticipated, “Hollywood-shunned”, George Lucas-produced, and in their opinion, over-hyped and underachieveing film, “Red Tails”.

“I’ll admit, I saw this movie because I felt obligated.”

“I thought the theater was going to be sold out.”

“You think some of the white people here came because they are George Lucas fans?”

“Well, my mama told me it was good…but she likes anything with us in it.”

“Black folks will clap everytime a black character stands up to a white character in a movie.”

“I thought I’d learn somethin’ new though…”

“Were any of those characters real?”

“Shhh… don’t talk down the movie around mixed company.”

“The music is a bit much, no?”

“What was up with that Arial font in the opening and ending credits?”

“That script was killin’ me…”

“Not one sista, huh?”

“The characters had 21st century swagger in a 1940’s movie. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they dabbed each other up at some point.”


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Black History 24/7 #5: The Top 4 Most Underrated Black Actors

In keeping with my Black History 24/7 series, I’m pleased to break form with this installment and not have to report on someone’s memory/death.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a good movie that has great, relatable characters and a compelling story. I don’t need explosions or special effects or anything like that; I just need something that will stick with me after I’ve left the theater or returned the DVD to redbox. Now, when conversations are had about who can be considered amongst the best Black actors, usually Denzel Washington, Laurence Fishburne, Samuel L. Jackson (more for comic relief these days than quality acting skill, though), and Will Smith are the frontrunners. (Cuba Gooding, Jr., used to be in the conversation, too… until he did this… and then followed up with this…)

We miss Rod "Show me the money!" Tidwell...

This entry is my dedication to the lesser-recognized and sometimes overlooked men in Black Hollywood. Not only are they often snubbed when it comes to the almighty golden statue known as “the Oscar,” but a lot of times, their attention to craft and ability to make their characters truly memorable is equally ignored. (Of course, it’s only fair that I show the ladies love, too; so I’ll be following up later this week with a second installment giving props to the Top 4 Most Underrated Black Actresses.)

Without further ado, my Top 4 Most Underrated Black Actors: Read the rest of this entry »


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