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Notice the banners above the headline

“This is surreal to me. Today is the best day in my life since the Rangers went to the World Series” – Facecurtainista

“I’m emotionally drained… its been hell being a Dallas sports fan.” – Realist23

“I can only think of when we were the league pin cushions… No more use of the Cowboys as leverage for our hoop failures. We won with a 38 year old pg.” – Fnasty

“I’ll probably get alot of things done not watching Sportscenter for a week.” – Justinfication (CHO aka Chief Hating Officer)

“I’m gonna puke” – MichaelYoungHistory (Hater, JD)

“Now every Texas team has brought home the championship.” – AThousandGrams

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Taking Losses

I’m a helper. I do what I can to help as many people as I possibly can, as much as a possibly can within reason. If someone needs a contact I’ll see if I have one. If someone needs that perfect word it will torment me until I find it. It is in my nature to be helpful, it only makes sense to me because when I’m in a place that requires the help of others I am appreciative.  This is why it is maddening for me to feel like I’ve failed someone when they needed help the most.

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