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Revenge of the Nerds

All people are inherently self-centered. This is a truism that people apply easily to others but really can’t apply to themselves without constant work. What makes this even harder for some is when they count themselves among a group of people who see themselves as perpetually wronged. Today we are going to talk about just such a group, nerds. Yeah the free ride is over nerds. I’m calling you on your bull and I took AP classes like a Klansman who once dated a black girl I’m one of you so don’t even try to say I’m just picking on you, I’m not trying to hear it. Nerds are people who are constantly portrayed as sexless losers who are constantly picked on in high school. What makes this a problem is that as nerds grow up they gain a ton of privilege but never shed the mindset that they are perpetually under-appreciated. This leads to all kinds of self-centered behavior that basically boils down to being one of the worst kinds of asshole. The one who blames their on everyone else. Read the rest of this entry »


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Sucker For Love

Kanye West Feat. John Legend x The-Dream x Ryan Leslie x Tony Williams x Charlie Wilson x Elly Jackson x Alicia Keys x Fergie x KiD CuDi x Rihanna x Elton John – All Of The Lights

We have a problem. Let’s call it death by cool. People are too cool nowadays to honestly communicate. I understand that no one wants to get hurt in a relationship but people are overdosing with the inanity now.

When you were young and dumb you probably accepted that in order for you to have a successful relationship with you had to open yourself up to emotional pain. It sucked but it was worth it because the good times were that much more important. This was a very good way to look at the world and I believe the right one but somewhere along the line we seemed to have lost our way.

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