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The Flower

I have yet to hear a compelling and logical argument to refute the assertion that our current Marijuana laws are deeply flawed. In absence of an opponent I’m going to continue to belabor the point. Here in a sweet short is an example of what a world with  legal weed could look like and contrasts this with our status quo. Let’s get the movement moving Texas.

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Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta…

So as I was driving through my city last night, I sparked a 1 inch doobie to cap my night on the ride home. Little did I know that my right headlight was out.

A cop pulled me over, got my license and registration… comes back to my car and asks what the smell permeating from my vehicle happens to be.

I apologized on my ignorance of what he was speaking of… he asked me to exit my vehicle, flashlit my eyes to check for the Red… asks me if I’ve been smoking the MJ, and I respond by saying that I was with a friend who was smoking in my car. He states to me, “you don’t look like you’ve been smoking… so I’ll let you off with a warning for the headlight. AND STOP LETTING YOUR FRIENDS SMOKE IN YOUR CAR… they’ll get you in trouble.”

I drove off… Moral of the story… Cops don’t really believe this is a crime when done recreationally. They’re as annoyed with the fact that they have to enforce these laws as we are. Otherwise, he would’ve at least attempted to search me (and find no contraband, but he would’ve found “paraphernalia”).

My recreational activities, although harmless, are still not worth risking my career and my future for. What kind of individual would really find it worth his time to ruin my life over something that the majority of America does? Oh yea… a cop. Guess I was lucky.

At any rate… lying to a cop while under the influence gains you 10 G Points… #ImProud

KING’S LAW: Some yell fuck the police… some police yell fuck the law… but that won’t stop them from sending you to AssRapeCity… unless you’re a G like me.

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How To: Legalize Marijuana In Texas

So earlier I argued in favor of Legalization of Marijuana. Well I hate when people have great ideas and don’t follow through and with the recent arrest of Willie Nelson I believe now is as good a time as any to not only advocate legalization but roll out a plan. So I made what I imagine a roadmap to legalization would look like in my state. Critique it. Improve It. Trash it, as long as we are discussing it.

Texas First: An  Outline of How To Legalize Marijuana in the Great State of Texas
With the recent surge in conservatives who ascribe to the libertarian ideology I believe that the state of Texas could be a viable dark horse candidate for marijuana legalization.Typically when discussing states who would be likely to legalize the sale and consumption of cannabis Texas is dismissed as a state of reflexive social conservatives who would never legalize marijuana. However I am of the opinion that with a strong public campaign, a concerted effort to disseminate the positives, and an appeal to the independent history of the state, Texas could be a practical marijuana legalization state. Here I will outline the way I believe such a campaign could succeed.

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Legalize It

Curren$y X Raekwon – Michael Knight Remix from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Excuse me but I see no reason for marijuana  being illegal. Maybe I spent a little too much time in Austin but the fact that people are imprisoned for cannabis is patently ridiculous. I understand that everyone doesn’t partake in smoking weed but everyone doesn’t drink beer either. The most common refrain you here from people when the topic of legalization is broached is that it would be harmful to “the children” but it is easier to acquire than beer for teens. Another rebuttal is the hypothetical argument, “would you want your doctor to smoke a joint and then come work on you?”, but would you want you doctor to take a shot of vodka  and come operate on you? Let me share a commonality I’ve happened upon, when someone is resorting solely to hypothetical  situations to articulate and defend their position they are usually wrong. Besides I wouldn’t want marijuana  regulated as if it was something that could be used during a break anyway the ganja is clearly an intoxicant and should be treated like alcohol if legal. Someone will come forward and ask, “how will the cops know if you’ve smoked and driving? The answer is the same way they know now. Police are trained to be able to test for all intoxicants not just the legal ones. So those take care of the negatives and now here are the positives legalizing marijuana would, at the least, allow the federal, state, and local governments of our great nation to save a significant amount of money, $14,100,000,000 in 2009 alone was spent on trying to prevent people from using. Not only would we save a significant amount of money but we’d keep a lot of people out of prison who otherwise probably wouldn’t be there. That’s the main reason legalizing marijuana is a good idea because of the human cost inflicted by the enforcement of a failed and flawed policy. I don’t see how it is morally preferable to institutionalize people for an activity that harms no one but themselves, studies show marijuana is less harmful than tobacco and alcohol. There are thousands of people who’s lives have been irreparably damaged by getting caught using something that our last three Presidents have admitted to using. When you have these facts buttressed by the studies that show that minorities are prosecuted for marijuana possession disproportionately to their use, it becomes exceedingly clear that the morally just thing to do is legalize marijuana.


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