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NBA Playoffs Preview

Football season is long gone. March Madness has turned into April Sadness, and the only thing we sports fans are hearing about is the NFL lockout, baseball games that don’t matter, and NHL Playoffs. Blah. But, have no fear! The NBA playoffs start THIS WEEKEND! There are some great matchups in the first round, and four die hard fans here at The Thread (facecurtainistaThe King’s Law, our resident NBA guru WPWinter and myself, MichaelYoungHistory) are here to break down the matchups for you, as well as predict this year’s NBA champ! Like any great playoffs, we hope to see physical play, fights, technical fouls, buzzer beaters, tears, epic fails, great finishes, and if we’re lucky, Artest will go into the stands again…Anyway, with no further ado, the 2011 NBA Playoffs!

Eastern Conference

#1 Chicago Bulls vs. #8 Indiana Pacers (The King’s Law)

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