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Say Something Baby

“I can’t find a good man”

I detest these words with a passion.  Whenever I hear a grown woman complain about her potential mates I punch a small woodland creature in my mind. I understand that there are millions of “jerks” and “dogs” in the world, I also understand that women are often approached in a way that is totally inappropriate but what I don’t understand is how these facts translate into you not being able to find a good man. Let’s look at this logically.

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Taking Losses

I’m a helper. I do what I can to help as many people as I possibly can, as much as a possibly can within reason. If someone needs a contact I’ll see if I have one. If someone needs that perfect word it will torment me until I find it. It is in my nature to be helpful, it only makes sense to me because when I’m in a place that requires the help of others I am appreciative.  This is why it is maddening for me to feel like I’ve failed someone when they needed help the most.

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Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We celebrate the man for the incredible strides he helped make for civil rights and the way he’s changed the world. One thing that is overlooked is perhaps the most important and vital trait the man had, perspective.

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Sucker For Love

Kanye West Feat. John Legend x The-Dream x Ryan Leslie x Tony Williams x Charlie Wilson x Elly Jackson x Alicia Keys x Fergie x KiD CuDi x Rihanna x Elton John – All Of The Lights

We have a problem. Let’s call it death by cool. People are too cool nowadays to honestly communicate. I understand that no one wants to get hurt in a relationship but people are overdosing with the inanity now.

When you were young and dumb you probably accepted that in order for you to have a successful relationship with you had to open yourself up to emotional pain. It sucked but it was worth it because the good times were that much more important. This was a very good way to look at the world and I believe the right one but somewhere along the line we seemed to have lost our way.

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