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[KL:Consideration]: Reciprocity: The Foundation of Our Happiness

The King’s Law on Consideration

I – To consider or not to consider, that is the “?”
II – Let’s be honest about honesty…
III – Honesty’s Gray Area
IV – Egocentrism and Honesty
V – The Consideration of Time
VI – The Consideration of Self
VII – Consideration Accounting 101
Reciprocity: The Foundation of Our Happiness

The trade of consideration is scarce these days…. so how do we make good decisions about who to trust with our most coveted asset, our consideration? And furthermore, how can we ensure that the return of our consideration will continue to make/keep us happy? (YOU CAN SCROLL DOWN TO THE “SKIP” MARKER IF YOU ARE A LAZY READER…)

These two questions were asked last time… and I must now be honest with you all… these are technically “trick questions”… there is no single resolute answer, but you knew that.
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Compliments to the Hand-Love

In my experiences, the biggest difference between relationships that don’t work and those that do is the amount of sacrifice each side makes. Now, full disclosure, I’ve been on both sides of the lines I seek to draw today. I’ve been the one giving too much, and I’ve also been the one not giving enough. Either way, those relationships were doomed from jump. Let me explain:

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