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I’m here to tell you if you didn’t come to SXSW…you lost. Sorry but it’s the truth, on to the award. This is totally subjective and only reflect the experience I had during this years SXSW

Best Live Performance: Curren$y Runner-Up: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

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Say Something Baby

“I can’t find a good man”

I detest these words with a passion.  Whenever I hear a grown woman complain about her potential mates I punch a small woodland creature in my mind. I understand that there are millions of “jerks” and “dogs” in the world, I also understand that women are often approached in a way that is totally inappropriate but what I don’t understand is how these facts translate into you not being able to find a good man. Let’s look at this logically.

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The Flower

I have yet to hear a compelling and logical argument to refute the assertion that our current Marijuana laws are deeply flawed. In absence of an opponent I’m going to continue to belabor the point. Here in a sweet short is an example of what a world with  legal weed could look like and contrasts this with our status quo. Let’s get the movement moving Texas.

h/t: Andrew Sullivan


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Yeezy Taught You Well

While reading Brandon Soderberg’s awesome analysis of Kanye’s track “Blame Game” I ran across this absolute gem of observance,

Chris Rock voices the average joe that will date Kanye’s much “improved” ex next. This is a very male way to view a break-up: “How did I permanently change this girl and who’s going to get the rewards of it now that I’m outta the picture?” A silly, masculine view of a relationship for sure, but one that most dudes, no matter how evolved or whatever, adopt at some emotional breaking point or another.

While I share the assertion that at some point every dude thinks this way when going through a break-up, I genuinely must ask is this a trait exclusive to guys?

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