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Race, Politics, and Cynicism

Race, Politics, and Cynicism

What can these people do to damage their credibility. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney suffers no backlash for embracing and fundraising with Donald Trump who openly questions whether the President is an American. Ron Paul published racist newsletters throughout the 90s and he’s also a politically viable Presidential candidate who must be listened to and taken seriously. Why is it open association with racism doesn’t disqualify people from running for the highest office in the land. What’s more troubling is the cynicism with which this is discussed. Race-baiting is just another tool in the American mailbox to be deployed and debated as if there are no real world consequences to American citizens or I guess Americans of any importance.

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Vote Suppression in America

Viviette Applewhite and Voter ID

Here is why I have little patience for conspiracy theories without the weight of some proof behind them. People are working everyday to institute policies and ideas that disproportionately harm our community without any secrecy whatsoever. The efforts to discourage people who are likely to vote Democratic in elections from being able to vote at all. None of this is secret. They claim to be trying to protect against voter fraud but this doesn’t pass the laugh test among anyone with political savvy who is speaking earnestly. There has been a national push to restrict voting with voter id laws that count hunting licenses as valid but student id’s as invalid in addition to aggressively pushing college students off the rolls, taking away the right to vote from convicts, telling people they could be arrested if they show up from the polls, telling people the wrong date for elections, etc. none of these things are in any way secret. They’ve been bold in their actions to the point that awards have been given to people who can keep the most voters away from the booth. This has all been reported, editorialized, and absorbed by the public with no shock or outrage whatsoever. This sad fact speaks to the cynicism that has gripped the body politic that none of this was given a cursory attempt to be shielded from view. So no I don’t buy into conspiracies because today bold efforts to stop people from exercising their right to vote is taken nakedly without shame and no push back. While we’re out charging towards windmills our feet are being cut from us by an adversary who is too happy to shout while they do it.

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The Sky is Falling

We are quite possible screwed. No … really. Unless Boehner sacrifices his leadership position among Republicans or Eric Cantor decides to be magnanimous and let him keep it, the possibility of a debt ceiling default is high. This will lead to an international fiscal crisis with the American Government basically not answering the phone when the bill collector calls. We’ve arrived at this moment because Democrats misjudged how serious the Republicans were in their mission to see Barack Obama leave office. Barack Obama and the Democrats had an opportunity to raise the debt ceiling when they still held a majority in the House but in their infinite political wisdom they decided to wait and let the Republicans share some of the blame. Now we have Jim Demint threatening every Republican who votes to raise the debt ceiling without deep cuts in America‘s social net accompanying the move and Cantor washing his hands of the affair putting Boehner in position to take a fall is he does the responsible thing. Wall Street is freaking out over the possibility but not even the bankers can coerce Republicans to face the true believers of the “No Tax Hikes, ever” doctrine. It’s morning in America and what the rest of the day looks like rests upon the leadership of Speaker Boehner.

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Boehner’s Sister Souljah Moment

"Republican Leadership"In 1992 Sister Souljah was quoted in the Washington Post as saying “If Black people kill Black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?” after the L.A. Riots. Bill Clinton condemned her remarks and this interaction where a politician takes on stalwarts of his or her base became known as a Sister Souljah moment.

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Paul Ryan, The Poor, and The Failings of the Modern Church

Paul Ryan, The Poor, and The Failings of the Modern Church

Recently Paul Ryan (WI-R) released a budget that purports to solve our long-term deficit issue. The plan while quite ambitious is extremely flawed. Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias have been bulldogs on the subject and has given Representative Ryan no quarter. The main thrust of the criticism has been that Rep. Ryan targets the poor to shoulder most of the burden of solving the debt crisis with no tax increases and literally two-thirds of his cuts coming from programs designed to help the most vulnerable among us.

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My Fellow Americans

Many people have asked me why I’ve decided to form an exploratory committee for the Republican Presidential Nomination even though I’m a 23-year-old liberal with no money, no political connections, and no chance of winning. Well America it is because I have a big heart. At this time I think the Republicans could use a serious candidate in their race.

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Welcome To My World David Frum

This morning I watched David Frum, reasonable conservative, on MSNBC, they had Frum paired up with a conservative commentator without a unique thought in her head. David Frum, helplessly  tried to lay out a reasonable and measured road map for conservatism with a place and purpose for adult ideas and tactic marked by moderation, compromise, and an eye towards actual governance and… it was essentially dismissed.

Frum’s “peer” rejected almost every idea on the grounds that acts of moderation do no reflect the Republican base. As an example Frum argued that Same sex marriage and Women’s Reproductive Rights shouldn’t be the litmus test for Republican leadership, the counterpoint was pretty much “sheeeeit”. As I watched as David Frum sitting uncomfortably at his seat I recognized a look on his face that was all too familiar. David Frum made the “embarrassed by ignorance” face that we all know and love. Throughout the years as educated and at least slightly bourgeoisie black folk have made their way through the world they have been confronted with having to explain black culture and people to their white friends which, like most of human nature, is sometimes inexplicable. Now trust this hasn’t been the exclusive province of black folk but it is one that we have much practice in. As David Frum sat there with the intellectual equivalent to the “who farted?” face I could tell he knows exactly how it feels.

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