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No, you’re from Houston. 5 Misconceptions that we have about Africa

Let me take this time to disabuse some friends of other stereotypes regarding Africa as well.

– No, you can’t “just go back to Africa” especially if you’ve never been.

– No, you won’t be greeted with open arms in pan-Africanist brotherhood, the people there don’t know you.

– No, everyone does not refer to each other as “King”, “Queen”, “brother”, or “sister” or any variation thereof you’ll probably be referenced to as “the American” or “white man” if they don’t know your name.

– You are a Westerner from a Western country without regard to the color of your skin. Given that, you probably hold all the patronizing and self-serving notions in regards to Africa that is common among Westerners. Check that.

– Yes, you can get robbed, beat up, cussed out and discriminated against in Africa. It’s a continent and it’s full of people not mystical beings who hold the key to a perfect humanity. Africa and Africans aren’t here for your preferred social theories.

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Random Questions

Things that ramble through my mind.

Why is it when someone wants to make a moral point they use the Black American experience as a rhetorical tool? They don’t give two squirts about black people during their day-to-day. They may even actively dislike black people but when they want to claim moral supremacy they use our experience as the maximum rhetorical device? Gays are the new Black People, Christians are the new black people, Stoners are the new black people, Women are the new black people, Conservatives are the new black people. No black people are the new black people and the old ones too! Let us live and stop using our legacy as a moral prop and don’t think I don’t notice that in all the comparison making people seemingly automatically exclude actual black people in their construction of these groups. There are black gay people too.

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