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Playlist – Prelude to a Long Summer

Ah. Do you hear that peaceful quiet in the air, thREADERS? Do you feel that light breeze even as the hot sun is bearing down upon your neck? Well, you do if you’re in the Great State of Texas, anyway.

We’re officially on the edge of the start of summer, y’all. For some of you, you’re recently graduated and walking fresh off of a campus that left you with many memories, some beautiful, some brutal. Some of you will be heading off to more school, while others will either start new professions or pull your sleeves up as you prepare to dive into the job market. Some of you will be recently emancipated from or ex-ed out of a relationship. Some of you might be taking classes over the summer or simply working to stack up a little something before the fall semester starts. And some of you will be fighting to keep up with the rush of summer blockbuster movies coming out while not killing your bank accounts – or your sanity after back-to-back weeks of midnight showings – in the process. Whatever you have next on deck, one thing’s for certain – you’re in for a long summer. And what’s the best way to get through a long summer? Good drinks, good company, and most importantly, good music.

I know it seems like everybody these days has a “mixtape” for something, especially if you’re in college (there are mixtapes, it seems, for the stepshows, the pageants, the parties and the after-parties). But we here at The Thread Blog are all about quality and this playlist is no different. Read the rest of this entry »


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